Top Tips to Guide You on Your Next Trip to Greece

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Greece is incredibly diverse and one of the most popular destinations thanks to its stunning views. It is also home to gorgeous beaches, dark forests, salt marshes, mountains, and caves. Weather in Greece varies from cold, snowy winters to sweltering summers. Even better, getting around Greece is easy and convenient.

The transport network consists of Greek railway train services, KTEL buses, ferries, and local flight routes. So whether you want to travel from Athens to Santorini, Ola, or Paros, you can do that quickly and conveniently. Here are some great tips to guide you through on your next trip to Greece:

Always Plan Ahead

You have probably heard the Greek saying that a wise man cooks before hanger strikes. Well, everything turns out great if planned well and way in advance. Evaluate the different ways of getting around the country and choose the most convenient option. Also, can decide on your ultimate destination when travel from Athens to Santorini and book accommodation in advance. Early accommodation bookings help you work in line with your budget and avoid overspending. This also goes for tickets. Most companies have Advance Ticket offers dedicated to people who like booking their tickets way in advance.

Learning a Little Lingo Goes a Long Way

Learning and practicing a little Greek will make your trip even more immersive. Sure, Greek might be quite a tough language to learn. However, learning a few essential words will significantly impact how the charming locals accept you. While they do not expect you to have a perfect flow of the language, they are impressed when a foreigner knows a few Greek works. Of course, you can always communicate in English, but throwing in a few Greek words will elevate your status from a mere visitor to a “Xenos,” which translates to a foreigner and guest.

Always Have Enough Cash

Major towns in Greece such as Athens and Crete are among the best and safest cities to tour in the world. However, unlike Europe, Greece is quite big on cash. Therefore, it is crucial that you always have enough money for a relaxing, hassle-free stay in this country. You can as well acquire an ATM in the big city centers. Fortunately, credit cards are accepted in many large establishments such as shopping stores, restaurants, supermarkets, and malls in larger towns and busy locations. However, they might not be accepted in small towns and lesser-known islands. So, always ensure that you have enough money when stepping out. If you are in doubt, ask about the accepted payment methods before approaching the register.

Athens is the Ultimate Gateway to Any Trip to Greece

You have not really toured Greece if you are yet to visit the magnificent Athens. It is a must-visit destination for most travelers who spend a few days taking in the magnificent beauty of the gorgeous Acropolis and the surrounding sites. Even if you are staying at Kythira Greece, Athens is accessible by a short ferry trip. You can also take a flight from the mainland to your dream destination such as Crete or Corfu. Be sure to visit the Ancient Agora and the famous theatre of Dionysos, where theatre was birthed. Check out the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Acropolis Museum, and the Panathenaic Stadium and appreciate its marble glory. The city boasts stylish, convenient, and affordable accommodation perfect for solo or group travelers.

Be Sure to Enjoy Island Hopping

Buck the traditional island hopping trend and organize for a multi-island adventure. This might be a quite complex adventure, but I will reward you with an incredibly diverse experience. After all, Ferry services are always available and sail throughout the warmer months. You only need to book a ticket and explore a group of islands such as the Dodecanese, Ionians, and the gorgeous Santorini Cyclades. There are numerous trips within the islands where you can explore some of the smaller, sometimes hidden gems. For instance, when traveling with friends, you can take a full-day sailing cruise from Paros to the Small Cyclades .

Opt for Bottle Water in the Islands

Sure, you can rely on tap water in almost every city in mainland Greece. However, you might want to think bottled water when touring the islands. Generally, most islands in Greek do not have sufficient clean water for drinking purposes. Besides, the little water you will find is mainly used for hygiene purposes.

Finally, it is time for you to cross touring Greece off your bucket list. Ensure that you make the most of your time in the land of art, culture, outdoor fun, and an insane culinary experience. Whether traveling with friends or solo, early planning, learning a little lingo, and island hopping will guarantee you the ultimate travel experience. Also, remember to have some cash with you throughout the trip for utmost convenience. Most importantly, brace yourself for an incredible adventure ahead.


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