How to Make Your Road Trip With Friends More Interesting

words Al Woods

Planning a road trip with friends? This can be fantastic fun and it is a great chance to explore new areas and enjoy quality time with your friends, which means that often you will make memories for life on these trips. Road trips are also a unique type of trip and it is important that you plan and know how to keep things interesting. Read on for a few ideas that should help.

Road Trip With Friends


First of all, you want to make sure that you are safe and legal by ensuring that everyone that is driving is insured. It is a smart idea to split the driving up on a road trip, but to do this legally, you need to insure a car for a day or longer with temporary car insurance.

Create a Playlist

The importance of good music on a road trip cannot be overstated. You could collaborate on a shared playlist to enjoy during the journey so that you can all sing along and guess who picked what song. There is plenty of inspiration online if you are stuck for ideas!

Buy a Map

For a fun, old-school feel, consider ditching the sat nav and instead use a map to navigate your trip. For many drivers, this will be a completely new experience and you will find that it can actually be good fun (provided that you don’t get completely lost!). You might find it helpful to print out directions or have a sat-nav in the car in case your collective map reading skills fail you.

Friends Road Trip

Stock Up On Supplies

You do not want people getting hungry or thirsty on a road trip – this is when arguments can happen! This is why you need to stock up on water and have a range of snacks that you can tuck into while on the road. Also, be sure to pull over from time to time to stretch your legs and enjoy some hot food.

Play Games

No road trip is complete without playing games and there are all kinds of fun games to play. A few popular examples include:

  • I Spy
  • 21 Questions
  • The License Plate Game
  • Would You Rather
  • Alphabet Categories

Take Pictures

You will want to document your trip so you should all try to take as many funny, weird and interesting photos as possible. You can then compile these into an album at the end so that you can cherish the memories forever.

These tips should help you to plan a fun, special and memorable road trip with friends that you all look back on over the years.


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