10 Tips for Taking the Stress Out of a Move

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Moving home is one of the most stressful things a person can do. So, here’s how to take the stress out of a move and make things easier.

moving stress

1. Prepare for Your Moving Day

Once you decide on your moving date, you can now prepare for your moving day. There are so many things you need to do, such as pack your belongings, plan your move, clean your home, notify utility companies, etc., before your moving day. If you are planning on using a moving company (or an entreprise de demenagement montreal if you reside in Canada), then you will need to source the best ones for your situation as soon as possible, so that you are all ready for when the day comes and you know who will be there.

2. Do Not Pack Everything

You do not need to pack everything before your moving day. You can leave some items in your apartment or house until the moving day. You may use these items regularly. So, you do not have to pack them. You can pack them a few hours before your move. If you pack and move these items, you may have to stop doing some things. If you do not have something to do before moving, your stress level may increase.

3. Self-Care Activities

Do you use some things for self-care activities? It is advisable not to pack these items. For example, if you love watercolor painting, then do not pack painting supplies until your moving day. Self-care activities can help you cope with stress.

4. Regular Exercise

Regular exercise can help reduce your stress. You do not have to go to your local gym to exercise. If you are too busy, you can exercise from the comfort of your home. For instance, you can run on the treadmill in your basement or even walk your dogs.

5. Expect to Feel Moody

It is stressful to move house. You will feel moody for no reason. It is normal to feel moody while you preparing to move. Therefore, you should not be hard on yourself. In a bad mood? Do not take it out on others. It is best to relax and try and focus on overcoming your bad mood.

6. Seek Help

You may need to ask for help from expert home movers. Talking to an expert can help reduce your stress as they will handle a lot of the aspects of the move for you.

7. Write Down Things to Do  

If you are moving to a new city, you can write down the things to do in your new city. If you find several fun things to do, you will be more motivated to move to the city. You may even look forward to your moving day.

8. Safely Store Your Important Documents

It is important to safely store your important documents before your moving day. It is easy to lose these documents, especially if you are hiring a moving service to move your belongings.

9. Say Goodbye to Your Family and Friends

You may no longer spend more time with some of your family members and friends. It is nice to say goodbye to them before moving. Therefore, you need to create time to say goodbye to them. In fact, talking to your family and friends can help reduce your stress.

10. Self-Compassion

It is not easy to move to a new home. You may have to deal with difficult emotions. It takes time and a lot of effort to pack everything. Remember, many people pack and move regularly. They usually go through the same emotions that you are going through right now. So, you need to be kind to yourself.


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