Tips and tricks to look fashionable in your pyjamas

words Alexa Wang

In recent years, the fashion landscape has seen a welcome shift towards relaxed and comfortable trends. We all remember the surge in loungewear’s popularity with the rise of remote working, but is it ever really ok wear pyjamas outside the house? While unconventional at first glass, embracing the bold and fashionable statement of pyjama chic is entirely achievable by following these tips and tricks.

look fashionable in pyjamas

1. Pyjama chic doesn’t mean unkempt

The clue is in the word “chic”: This fashion trend is anything but an excuse for looking sloppy, and in fact, nothing could be further from the “fresh out of bed” look. Blurring the lines between style and comfort, pyjama chic is an art form in itself, requiring careful attention to detail. Choose high-quality, luxurious fabrics that exude elegance, and pair them with items that emphasise this. For instance, pairing up stylish satin pyjamas with some open-toed heels adds glamour and pazazz, elevating slumber wear to the realm of evening wear.

2. Accessorize with intent

Include some well-chosen jewellery to your outfit is a great way to add an element of sophistication and set it apart from the everyday casual look. A pair of large hoop earrings or an eye-catching pendant add a touch of class and let the world know you definitely haven’t just rolled out of bed! Equally, a statement bag shows the world you’re anything but sleepy.

3. Don’t be afraid of contrasts

Wearing a matching pyjama set is one way to approach this style, but equally, it’s fine to pair a pyjama top or bottom with a completely different look. Consider wearing satin pyjama trousers with a more sporty look, by pairing them with a cropped top or zip-up hoodie.

Similarly, tucking your tailored pyjama top into a pair of well-fitting jeans makes a bold statement, but still optimises comfort. This look works well with rolled up sleeves along with a bracelet, and the contrast between the luxurious, silky material complements the rougher

4. Express your personality

Embracing pyjama chic is also a great way to assert your identity. Because of the inherently playful nature of this fashion trend, you have more freedom to bring in pops of colour, pattern and be bolder with material pairings than with your usual everyday look. It’s a great opportunity to pair fabrics and textures that might otherwise look out of place – consider combining matte with shiny, such as wearing a velvet blazer over satin pyjamas for a really opulent contrast. A bold floral patterned pyjama top can be accentuated with a more muted pair of trousers or simple leather skirt.

5. Don’t neglect your feet!

While footwear typically does not form part of our night attire, your choice of shoe can really transform your pyjama outfit’s look. For a casual daytime outfit, trainers or pumps bring a low-key, modern edge to your style. Your feet don’t have to blend in though; wearing a satin nightdress with cowboy boots for a deliberately bold look that is sure to lift your confidence! Or, add a dose of undeniable glamour with a pair of kitten heels, mules or open-toe sandals and promote your matching, tailored pyjamas from duvet day to glitz!

Why reserve your comfiest clothes for when you’re sleeping? With a few well-chosen details, pyjamas can effortlessly transition to be worn to any occasion, and you’ll shine as an aficionado of the latest pyjama chic!


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