Top Entrepreneur Strategies to Avoid Debt

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One problem that aspiring business people have to tackle is their initial capital. Sometimes, startup owners choose to get a bank loan or use their credit cards. Although a business loan can be an example of good debt, it can cause future problems if not correctly handled. 

There is not a person on this planet who deliberately goes into debt. Some debts and remaining balances happen due to circumstances not all of us cannot foresee. Fortunately, there are some ways we can practice to avoid getting into debt overall. 

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Best Strategies to Avoid Debt

Refrain Buying Items with a Credit Card

Credit cards are the best option for entrepreneurs wanting to buy office supplies, business items, or pay their loans. Still, if you find some things unattainable with your current budget, we advise not proceeding with their purchase. A good rule to follow: If you cannot purchase an item with cash, it is not also attainable with a credit card. 

Prepare an Emergency Fund

What is an emergency fund? An emergency fund is any amount you can save and use when emergencies arise. Otherwise, you might hire a Debt Settlement Lawyer to settle debts that might appear if you don’t have an emergency fund. 

The best method of preparing an emergency fund is to assign 6-months of your salary into your savings account. As a result, you will save a possible amount in case of a job loss, injuries, unexpected situations, or medical emergencies. 

Pay Credit Balances Completely

When a person is aiming for a secure financial future, it is best to cancel any remaining credit card debts. Your remaining balances can destabilize your finances. Fully periodically paying each credit card debt helps alleviate some financial problems you might be experiencing. The complete elimination of credit card debts ensures you start over from scratch, avoid credit card debt lawsuits, and earn excellent credit scores. 

Prioritize Items or Products You Need

It is tempting to go window shopping and discover items we desire to buy. While staring at some products, we might feel the urge to purchase them immediately. Impulse buying can result in unplanned credit card use or spending cash on unnecessary items. Impulsive buying results in the accumulation of debts while affecting your financial security. 

Create a Budget

What is a budget? A budget represents your plan for handling the money you earn periodically. Wise entrepreneurs and even family breadwinners know and apply effective budgeting methods. Every time you receive monthly pay, decide how much goes into your savings while allotting a precise amount for purchasing products you need, supplies, and consumables. 

Don’t Use a Credit Card for Cash Advances

Cash advances are requests letting you borrow an amount beyond your credit card’s limit. Getting cash advances is suitable for emergencies, paying school loans, or dealing with medical fees. However, you can get into credit card debt if your urge for cash advances is uncontrollable. 

Collect Coupons

Groceries and department stores often present affordable coupons that eliminate extra expenses. Aside from that, cheap coupons help you purchase supplies and items you need without paying expensive amounts. Using coupons also lets you generate extra cash for savings or tending to other needs. 

Master your Savings

Opening various bank accounts to save money is a great way to prepare for contingencies. For example, you can allot a savings account for personal items, another for future expenses, and so forth. Preparing multiple accounts can be confusing at first. Still, you gain the advantage of organizing and allocating resources for various costs.

Track your Expenses

You are creating a list of daily, weekly, or monthly expenses that helps you track where your money is going. Tracking your expenses is useful when you have multiple credit cards to pay. Aside from paying existing balances, tracking your expenses lets you identify typical reasons for over-expenditure or items too expensive for your income. 

Limit the Number of Credit Cards

Many people make the mistake of applying for too many credit cards. Without their knowledge, they are already overspending beyond their limits. It might result in multiple credit card debts or even facing many lawsuits. Using many credit cards can also lead to the accumulation of interest on each card. 


Debts and outstanding balances are sometimes natural occurrences in our finances. However, too many debts can lead to financial ruin if not immediately remedied. It is still best to avoid debt by following the tips above.


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