The Trends To Follow If You Don’t Want To Replace Your Whole Wardrobe

words Alexa Wang

Trends Replace Your Wardrobe

Trends are everchanging. If we were to follow the new trends every season, we would end up changing our wardrobe every season. But it is still possible to get on some of the newer trends without having to spend a fortune. From detailed socks to retro wear, here are the trends you should follow.

Start From The Details

Accessories can make or break the outfit. This is why it is important to accessorize, no matter what outfit you are wearing. Some like to wear jewelry in the form of rings or necklaces, which can be a nice touch to a simple outfit. This trend is all about building an outfit from the accessories instead of the opposite.

While the shoes play a big role in the look, if you choose the best socks for men in different colors and patterns, you can elevate any outfit. If you cuff your pants and let the socks show, this will give a nice detail.

The Double Denim Trend

This trend has been deemed an embarrassing trend, but the double denim is back in style. We have seen several models and celebrities stepping out in double denim. Some choose to wear denim jackets and denim jeans in the same wash, but it can also be done by wearing pieces in different denim washes. Blue jeans are especially in style, as Prada and Fendi have shown blue denim in action on the runway.

Oversize Clothing Is Back

While tailored suits were once the absolute it-piece, oversized suits are now back. They are a big contrast to the slim suits, but this gives off a more relaxed and laid-back look. The old-school suits from the 50s were the epitome of oversized, but without being baggy, which gave a cool silhouette.

If you don’t have an oversized blazer, simply look in your local thrift store to find one. The oversized blazer is a statement piece in itself. Therefore, you don’t need to style it with anything else but a cool pair of jeans and loafers.

Take Out The Sportswear

If you already have shorts and joggers in the closet, it is time to take them out. Athleisure is a huge trend, which is why we have seen brands make sports clothing that is appropriate for everyday use. Sportswear might be associated with lying on the couch and watching tv. Many people also might associate it with the pandemic, as many people would wear a button-up shirt and joggers combination, as only their upper body was visible on the screen when they would attend online meetings. But now, athleisure is a part of smart casual and a trend that is here to stay.

Y2K And Retro Is Back

Don’t throw out your own or your parents’ old sweater from the ’80s or ’90s. Fashion these years draw inspiration from the fashion back in the ’90s and 00’s as we are seeing colorful jackets, low-waist jeans, and t-shirts with logos. Some designers like JW Anderson and Givenchy have replicated the looks, but it is much easier to just look for your parents’ hand-me-downs, as they will probably have a lot of the statement pieces we see today.


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