Trips for people with disabilities around Australia

Trips for people with disabilities around Australia

Living with a disability doesn’t mean that you can’t explore the world, it simply means you need to take a few extra moments to plan your trip before you go. It doesn’t matter where you want to visit, even if they are not billed as wheelchair or disabled friendly, there is a way to see and experience all the wonders of the world.

The important thing is to remember that you’re not disabled by choice, you have every right to go wherever you choose and the people who can’t understand this should try living with your disability for a day; that will help them to respect what you are achieving.

If you’re looking to check out Australia then there are some fantastic trips and places you need to visit:



You can’t come to Australia and not visit one of the most famous cities in the world! Sydney is home to the famous opera house but it is also a vibrant city, full of culture, nature parks and plenty of shopping!

It’s best to use a company specializing in wheelchair tours, Sydney; they offer a no step trip across the city, allowing you to take in all the sights and experiences without any of the hassles.


This area of Australia is a little more rugged but is stunningly beautiful. The areas you really need to see are the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland. There are companies offering motorcycle tours of this area; you’ll be in the specially adapted sidecar, allowing you the feeling of freedom and adventure as you enjoy the adventure of a lifetime.

Take A Cruise

You can even cruise to Australia, Cruiseabout offer holiday packages specifically for people with disabilities. This is a great way to take in huge stretches of coastline.

Plan Your Own Route

Another option is to choose your own places to stay. There is plenty of aircraft traveling across Australia, all of which now offer excellent facilities for disabled people. Alternatively, you could hire a disabled friendly car and drive yourself across this vast and impressive country. There will always be a friendly local to help you as you explore the lesser known sides of Australia.

Great Barrier Reef

You need to take a trip to this impressive structure. Of course, you’ll need to go on a specialized trip rather than with the usual crowd. This will ensure you have the assistance you need to actually go under the water and up close with the reef and all its inhabitants.

The key thing to remember when planning a trip around Australia is that where there’s a will there is a way. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a wheelchair and want to hit the beach, surf, bungee jump, or simply visit every famous place in Australia, you can plan the trip confident that the facilities you need will be available as you travel.

In this respect, Australia is potentially the most advanced country in the world.







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