Why the Trump gang of clowns will implode

Why the Trump gang of clowns will soon implode – words Lee Taylor

Steve Bannon likes to think of himself as an intellectual. His master Donald thinks himself a bit a clever dick too. The Trump gang had a masterplan along with their dodgy donors and greedy friends in high places. A coup to take over America for their own selfish ends.

They had an idea. Trump could get his mate Putin who he’d been money laundering for many years to help him swing the US election.

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In reality Trump and his gang are empty vessels. There’s not much point analysing their big ideas because they don’t have any. There are like the worst kind of delusional drunk you could sweep off the floor of any dingy bar in backwater America. Drunk on hate and ego. Paranoid and delusional like Breitbart, Infowars and Fox. Trump tweets out his innermost thoughts and they are empty. There’s nothing really there. Just a messed up old man – full of hate.

Trump has been brought up with the morals of a jackal. His dad taught him to be a killer. He’s actually said so himself. Morals, scruples and the idea of right and wrong were never taught to Donald. He realised quickly that this life of corruption suited him well. He thrived in the cutthroat world of real estate. Lots can be hidden in those buildings and their opaque transactions.

By the time he’d hooked up with Russian mafia bosses it was just one more incremental step into complete moral debauchery and wanton greed.

And don’t delve too deeply into Bannon’s big concepts. He has none. He’s just as bereft as his bloated master. You don’t tell the press they are the enemy you dumb fuck. He really is thick as pig shit. Putin shakes his head in shame.

These are the feral characters that inhabit the White House. That beacon of democracy has been dragged down to the level of the angry drunken bum.

They lack ideas, they lack empathy, they lack humility. All the nastiness that the Trump gang used to win the campaign including the rhetoric and the collusion is now coming back to bite them hard on the arse. They will scratch, bite and knife each other in the back. They only know self interest. They can not stand as one.

As I said these clowns have the morals of jackals. They can’t use the levers of power because they have no idea what they want.

Where Putin is cold heard hearted logic, these clowns are bumbling idiots who have been had. Putin got his hate fuelled idiots into the White House. The Trump gang of clowns. Now watch them implode by their own fair hands. Wave at them as they destroy themselves on the rocks of Trump impeachment. The FBI are on their backs but we can help finish them off. This is death by a thousand cuts. The White House is now their prison. No escape. They will be climbing the walls.

They are only as big as we allow them to be. All we need to do is attack them with ideas. Outwit them. Outflank them with emotions they don’t understand like empathy for others and love. Reveal to the world that the Trump gang wears no clothes. And laugh. They have no sense of humour. It will drive them mad. Laugh at them and watch them crumble into dust.

Why the Trump gang of clowns will soon implode – words Lee Taylor


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