British fashion movements through the years

British fashion movements through the years – words Alexa Wang

Sometimes when we look through old photos our parents, grandparents and even sometimes of ourselves we tend to have a real laugh about the clothing we all used to wear!

We have changed so much in the way we dress its crazy. Today we have a variety of different styles, which, we all take inspiration from.

Whereas before, certain eras were defined by particular styles only, such as 1960’s hippie fashion movement which is still seen in today’s fashion world!  1970’s punk defined a whole era in London for British fashion trends. With top designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren supporting the movement. In fact, they were champion designers who pioneered the punk fashion movement focusing on revolutionizing the fashion industry with a heavy focus on DIY clothing and rebelling against the norm. 

Most of these fashion movements from the past have found a way to trickle back into the modern day fashion through various different channels. Hype is a brand most millennials will know about after going viral within the fashion industry! It is clear to see some undertones, which reflect the punk fashion movement; Hype bags are quite rebellious, with a collection of their bags featuring a paint splatter design. This design reflects on the DIY nature and rebellion of the punk movement.

fashion movements

British fashion movements through the years (fashion movements timeline)- words Alexa Wang


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