What You Need For The Ultimate Australian Desert Adventure

words Al Woods

Australian Desert Adventure


There’s something about the Australian desert plains that causes us to wear our hearts on our sleeves, and just go headlong into it. To have an adventure in the desert is something many people wish for.

Not only will it test you physically and mentally, but there’s something oddly attractive about not having another human soul within hundreds of miles of your location. It’s beyond privacy, it’s a spiritual journey. It’s also a little sketchy at times, so you need to be prepared. Here are the things you need for the best Australian adventure you can hope for.

A great set of wheels

When you drive into the desert, you need to have tyres that will grip and wheels that will be able to climb up any sand dune. These 4×4 off-road wheels have been designed for Australia by Australians. So many off-road tyres have been designed and made for the American market, but these tyres have been designed purely with the Australian sands in mind. So, the grooves have been shaped, designed, thickened and tested for the very hot temperatures of the Australian desert, the dirt tracks along farms that have beaten up grooves; as well as the muddy hills in the tropical parts of the country. 

Solar energy

Fitting solar panels to the roof of your vehicle is crucial. Not only is it going to be emergency power, but it can help to power your vehicle too. Driving at night might be something you want to do because the ambient temperature is much lower and puts less stress on the car’s cooling system. So you have probably thought about large headlights fitted to the bumper, and roof rack area. To power these non-stop, solar panels on the roof of your vehicle as well as extra panels which you can stand outside of your tent, will gather plenty of extra energy. It’s also something you can use to power your communication devices. The Australian sun shines bright for about 220 days of the year, one of the most in the world. So use it to your advantage.

Lay your head down

Sleeping in your car might be an option for some but it’s not going to be comfortable for most. So you should select a good tent which has been designed for the Australian climate. Dome tents are perhaps the best option, as they trap as much sand during gusts of wind. Dome tents are relatively easy to set up, as the central rib is going to provide much of the support for the tent staying upright. A cabin tent is another option, as it provides space for about 3-4 people. It’s larger but not more complex to pitch; it just requires a few extra hands or more time. 

Gearing up for an Australian adventure? These are the most important items you may need along with a medkit. But everyone takes first aid with them, not enough people take the right tyres, energy sources and utensils to make their adventure more pleasurable than a struggle. 


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