How to get fabulous wholesale silver jewelry on a tight budget

words Alexa Wang

For those that just can’t get enough when it comes to silver jewelry, or alternatively, resellers that are looking for high quality silver jewelry on the cheap, the following piece is going to answer all of your questions.

In recent times, the popularity and appeal of silver has ballooned owing to its widespread use in all kinds of jewelry – from charms to neck chains and rings. Part of this appeal is also due to the fact that sterling silver is cheap, especially relative to other precious metals like gold and platinum. For the fashion-forward youth of nowadays that want to present a sophisticated look by accessorizing with jewelry, sterling silver ticks all the necessary boxes in terms of flash, affordability, and durability.

wholesale silver jewelry

Statistically, sterling silver alongside brass are by far the most sought-after materials for jewelry manufacturing these days. This demand is due to a variety of reasons. For one, sterling silver is durable – it can maintain its form and finish for decades without wear or breakage. Secondly, it is resistant to corrosion. Thirdly, it is a highly workable material that can withstand the rigors required to work it into a finished piece. These, alongside many other reasons, make the material a no-brainer choice for people looking for inexpensive materials for jewelry production. Currently priced around $14 for an ounce, silver blows most other options out of the water when it comes to its cost-value ratio.

 By nature, sterling silver is usually constructed by mixing molten silver and copper to form an alloy. The fraction of contained copper is usually little compared to that of actual silver.

Purchasing  wholesale  silver jewelry , as a trader, is usually the way to go. First of all, due to the power of bulk buying, the price per unit of each piece is drastically reduced (sometimes to half of what you would have had to pay had you sprung to buy the items in smaller quantities). Also, if you select the adequately certified, high grade sterling silver products, you can rest assured that each and every item that is part of your shipment adheres to the same level of quality and manufacturing standards.

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Now, you might ask, what are some of the tips to make sure that I get affordable, high quality sterling silver jewelry with every purchase? Well then, let’s take a look at a few pointers.

First of all (and perhaps most importantly), always make sure that every single piece of silver jewelry that is part of your purchase has the “925” marking. This is the best quality of sterling silver that is currently obtainable in the markets these days and the marking serves as a physical proof that the item has been certified as adhering to the highest possible quality standards for sterling silver. Some manufacturers would try to get around this by stating (perhaps on the packaging) that the pieces are “high quality”. Beware that there is no objective quantification of high or low quality when it comes to sterling silver. The absolute peak feature to look for when it comes to quality assurance is the “925” marking. It is sometimes also written as .925 and in either form, the meaning stays absolutely the same. 925 quality sterling silver is usually not more expensive.

Make sure to avoid pieces marked with the word “EPNS” as this denotes that the sterling silver used is of sub-par quality. EPNS stands for electro plated nickel silver and usually this means that you are working with a nickel substitute that is fabricated to look like silver.

To get the best prices on a particular wholesale shipment, always make sure to consult an appraiser. Their services aren’t usually costly and if you’re dealing with a large purchase, a thorough appraisal will help you ensure the quality of your purchase as well as estimate a commensurate price for the materials.

Always make sure to talk to the seller. If you are buying wholesale, it is always advisable to engage in actual conversation with the seller either in person or on the phone. This will allow you to be informed regarding the quality of the sterling silver used, as well as its source and the jewelry designs that they offer. This will ensure that you get what you pay for and that you’ll buy products that you can actually sell to your customers. Be on the alert and look for signs of seller authenticity and integrity – physical locations usually mean that the seller is genuine and has experience in the business.

As much as you can, refrain from making these purchases online. The online marketplace is fraught with scammers posing as genuine wholesale dealers.

To conclude, it would be very inaccurate to say that buying good quality sterling silver jewelry at wholesale is not possible. You just have to know where to look. Make sure to always be informed and using the afore mentioned tips as a guide, you should be on your way to getting some high quality sterling silver jewelry at an affordable price.


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