5 Great Automatic Watches to Buy

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Automatic Watches

Automatic watches are still very relevant in today’s digital world. Actually, they are highly revered by fashionable men and women. Again, there are situations where your digital gadgets and quartz watches may fail, and automatic watches will be the only reliable timepiece for you. As you probably know, they power themselves.

Another good reason classic and fashionable men choose automatic watches is the complexity of design and movement. The technical mastery required to craft these watches is just inspiring, and most men appreciate that. We can talk about the benefits of automatic watches all day, but that is not what you need. If you are here, then you are most probably looking for the best automatic watches to buy. We will recommend five top options straightaway:

Venice Blue Gold Automatic Mesh Watch

Automatic Watches

Automatic watches generally look good, but it is not often that you find one that is as beautiful as this one. Everything about this watch is attractive, from the large blue dial to the gold mesh bracelet. About the dial, there are several other things that will catch your attention, including power reserve indicator, day and night indicator, month wheel, date of month wheel, and day of the week wheel. T

Skeleton Rose Gold Blue Automatic Watch

Automatic Watches

If automatic watches with skeleton design is your thing, this is one of the best you can get right now.  It has a solid build but looks quite attractive with a blue skeleton dial that gives you an insight into the craftsmanship and inner workings. It also has a see-through caseback that lets you witness the harmony of the sophisticated mechanical movement whenever you want to. The design is timeless, and the watch is quite durable.

Arsenal Black Gold Automatic Watch

Auto Watches

This is a special automatic watch for those who love everything black. It is actually an excellent timepiece that should be part of your collection. It is one of the best automatic watches under 500, even though the offer may be for a limited period. The black dial may not look like much, but it has all the important features you want in an automatic watch, including power reserve indicator and 24-hour indicator.

Venice Rose Gold Automatic Mesh Watch

Auto Watches

In terms of aesthetic appeal, this is one of the best automatic watches you can find anywhere. AN Italy-inspired Rose Gold watch, everything about it is bright and beautiful. The gold-rimmed dial is white and beautifully designed with all the features laid out in stunning details. Of course, the power reserve indicator and day and night indicator add some sophistication to the appearance. Hardened mineral glass is a scratch-resistant protective layer.

Skeleton Silver Royal Automatic Watch

Auto Watches

This is one of the watches that demonstrates Filippo Loreti’s commitment to making luxury watches available to everyone. It is a well-designed silver automatic watch that is available at a price many watch-lovers will consider unbelievable. The skeleton design lets you look directly into the big heart of the watch and appreciate the uncommon craftsmanship. It also has a see-through caseback if you want to observe the sophisticated mechanical movement.

Why Filippo Loreti Automatic Watches?

Of course, all the watches featured in this roundup are from the same watchmaker, Filippo Loreti. Why is that? Well, the first explanation is that we know how these watches are made and can vouch for their unbeatable quality.

There are few other reasons we will recommend FL watches over other brands of automatic watches out there. Firstly, these watches are not mass-produced. Instead, Filippo Loreti take orders from genuine buyers and then handcraft these watches according to the confirmed orders. This means the watches are made for the owners, and there are always a few in stock.

Another reason to choose Filippo Loreti automatic watches over other brands is the fact that the watches are not marketed through middlemen. The company cuts out middlemen and sell directly to their customers. The implication is that all watches are original and delivered directly to their owners. This makes them truly affordable since there is no added margin to the original price. Instead of additional money, Filippo Loreti offers these watches at discounted prices, making them a lot more affordable.


There is no better place to find automatic watches on sale than here. You can’t also find automatic watch prices that will beat what Filippo Loreti offers its customers. If you really want the best deal on automatic watches, buy any of the ones we have recommended here. If you want to consider other options, check out the assortment of automatic watches from the top watchmaker on the official website. 


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