5 Self-Care Tips For Pregnancy 

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Whether it’s your first pregnancy or your fifth, there will always be new things to learn about, from the perfect food to add to your pregnancy grocery list, your ever-changing body, and what you want your birth plan to be. Along the exciting and challenging rollercoaster of pregnancy, it’s important to remember to take time to love yourself and show a little self-care.

After all, when that newborn is in your arms, they will be the priority, and your needs will take a back burner for a little while. Let’s look at some essential tips for showing yourself that important self-love during pregnancy. 

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Beauty Rest 

We’ve all heard that phrase or even said the phrase to others – “sleep when the baby sleeps.” While this advice is always well-intentioned, it’s not always realistic. There may be a new arrival in the household, but the home doesn’t stop running because of the new arrival. Though you’ll likely be exhausted, you’ll still want to catch up on the laundry and other chores. Or, you may want to use that time while the baby sleeps to reconnect with yourself or your partner. So, get your beauty rest now. Especially during the first and third trimester, fatigue is a given – so if you have time to take a nap, embrace it! 

Nourish Your Skin 

Your skin changes a lot, even when you’re not carrying a child. But, while your body is growing another human, it will stretch and change more than you could have ever imagined! That’s why you must invest in high-quality products that nourish your skin. For your growing belly, a pregnancy lotion is a must. Many women develop pregnancy acne, and there are products specifically formulated to combat that acne with your and your baby’s health in mind. Consider taking things a step further and treating yourself to a couple of facials during pregnancy. Not only are facials incredible for your skin, but they also provide you with a much-needed hour or two of escape and relaxation.

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Eat This, Not That 

With so many things on the “restricted” list while you’re pregnant and the intense cravings that some women go through, it’s easy to start eating only what you’re craving at that moment. We know much more about healthy eating these days than generations before us, so it’s vital to nourish your growing baby and yourself with high-quality, vitamin-rich foods. Sure, indulging in a tray of nachos or a whole pizza is okay now and then, but foods in their pure, whole state are best. When you eat healthy food, you’ll have more energy and feel better too!

Treat Yourself! 

Whoever came up with the phrase “treat yourself!” deserves some awards. Sometimes, we all need to go out and splurge a little when life gets tough. After all, rewarding ourselves for a job well done at dealing with stress and overwhelm feels good. Let’s face it – pregnancy is a tough job – so, if you’ve been lusting after a new bag or a spa day, treat yourself! You can even take things further and develop your idea of the perfect “push present.” Push presents are commonly gifted by the father of your child and are a little more extravagant than something you’d typically ask for. Are you ready for a new car? Tell them that’s what you want as a push present!

Let’s Get Physical

As your body continues to expand while you grow your baby, exercise could quickly become the last thing you have any interest in, but it’s still essential. Virtually all forms of exercise are safe during pregnancy, but finding a format you enjoy is key to consistency. So, whether you opt for yoga, walking, or strength training, stay up on your exercise routines. Additionally, staying physically connected to your partner during pregnancy is crucial because you’ll have to wait a minimum of six weeks after birth before that’s even an option again. So, go ahead and include physical acts of intimacy in your exercise routine!

Being pregnant is a breeze for some and a difficult journey for others, but the result of a healthy baby is the greatest reward for a job well done! By implementing the above tips, make sure you’re taking care of yourself in these nine months before the baby arrives. Congratulations, you got this!


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