5 Simple Ways to Add Color to Your Closet

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Creating a well-balanced wardrobe is about balancing comfort levels with exploring new things. When it comes to adding colour, it can be challenging to find that balance, especially if you’re used to keeping it safe with neutral colours and patterns.

In reality, embracing colour into your wardrobe can be a seamless process. Fashion is all about having fun at the end of the day. If the colour wheel feels daunting, these five simple tips will help take your closet from safe to expressive without compromising your unique personal style.

1.    Brighten Up Your Basics

For most men, their wardrobe comprises neutral colors and straightforward silhouettes— often in the grey, black, and navy color scheme. While it’s important to have trusted basics in your closet, from button-downs to casual chinos or well-fitting denim, there is room to play with the color wheel.

If you’re unsure where to begin, stick to neutral bottoms and opt for one brightly-colored t-shirt or button-down. Experimenting with color doesn’t require fluorescent shades. It can be as simple as a button-down shirt in a jewel-tone colour or a sweater with a subtle print.

2.    Learn How to Accessorize

Accessories are the easiest way to incorporate colour into any wardrobe — since they can vary from scarves to a formal tie. If changing an essential item in your closet is too big of a risk, try throwing on a pair of colourful socks or a bold watch strap. Colour doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing deal.

3.    Try Tie-Dye

If you’re looking to take a more significant step into the world of colour and patterns, tie-dye is a desirable choice. While these patterns haven’t always been a staple in men’s fashion, this trend has become increasingly popular in their wardrobe.

An easy and comfortable way to incorporate the tie-dye trend is with the newest selection of unisex Azzyland merch — including cozy, tie-dye crewneck sweaters, perfect for men or women. For our more crafty readers, DIY tie-dyes are simple to make and there are plenty of patterns you can do yourself at home. These statement pieces can take your closet to the next level.”

4.    Embrace Pastels

Pastels are a safe way to incorporate colour into your wardrobe since their tones are softer than their bolder counterparts. A pastel shirt or sweater can add a gentle element of colour for those unsure how to brighten up their closet. In the springtime, pastel clothing is both trendy and practical — and will effortlessly match the rest of your neutral pieces.

5.    Choose a Print

Prints are a versatile way to add some personality to your closet. While prints may seem nerve-wracking, the word itself encompasses several patterns — from stripes and polka dots to expressive, architectural shapes.

Spring is about a fresh start and making a statement, and nothing begins a conversation like a printed shirt with cartoon food or animals all over it. If that’s too loud, you can try rounding out your critical pieces with softer tones. Adding shoes that intentionally accent one of your patterned shirt colours adds another element of fun to your new wardrobe.


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