Tips to Pair Handbags and Shoes Perfectly

words Alexa Wang

There’s so much to say about the art of pairing your handbags and shoes. Some think it’s an outdated practice while others believe that matching your accessories will never grow old.

True to the opinion of the second school of thought, a well-matched bag, and shoe combo can you make ooze with style and class. In this article, you’ll learn the rules you need to play by in order for the elements to perfectly fit. 

shoes and bags

Is it a good idea to match your handbag and shoes?

Yes, it is. However, attempting to do this without the proper knowledge of what element goes well together, could result in catastrophic results. First, you need to know that accessorizing your look is a wheel with so many moving parts that need proper and informed coordination. To begin with, you need to bear in mind your personal style. 

Here, we’re talking about your signature look or your personal statement when it comes to looks. The other factor is the occasion you’re attending. Other factors include the season of the year and time of the day. However, you don’t need to freak out as you can use the following simplified rules to ensure that your bag and shoes make a statement wherever you’re going. Be sure to choose handbags or shoes from reputable brands such as Ferragamo.

The dos and don’ts 

To make it easy for you to apply these guidelines, we’ve broken them down into two categories; the dos and don’ts. 

The dos

1. Match primary patterns and colors 

Matching the primary patterns and colors of your bags and shoes is the best way of attaining an elegant and classic look. It’s a simple practice that you can nail even if you consider yourself to be a beginner in matters to do with fashion. 

For instance, if you’re planning to sport a pair of red heels, you can pair them up with a red bag.  Do the same for patterns but make sure you stick to matching the prominent pigments or base colors. 

2. Match the materials 

This step is also as important as getting the colors right and patterns right. Say you’re planning to wear leather ankle boots; in this case, you need to opt for a leather handbag as well. The case extends to other materials and textures. 

Handbags shoes

3. Match overstated with understated

A statement piece is one of the simplest ways to hold an outfit together. You can center your look by wearing stylish shoes or a headline-grabbing bag. However, take care that they don’t clash. Avoid using too many statements as they’ll appear uncoordinated and messy. The simplest way out is to go with an understated pair of shoes if you’re sporting an overstated bag. 

4. Use neutral tones to color-code the outfit

Another vital tip is to stick to a one-color palette for the entire look. In most cases, picking the one color but with different shades will produce tremendous results. It even gets better if you contrast the rest of your ensemble with a lighter look of the handbag, shoes, and other accessories. 

The don’ts

If you-re intentional about avoiding fashion faux pas streets, you’ll need to avoid the following to the best of your ability. 

1. Don’t have the same shade throughout

It’s not a good idea to use the same shade of a single color throughout your chosen outfit. The impression people get is that everything you’re wearing is cut from the same cloth. However, as mentioned earlier, it’s possible to match several shades of the same color and still come out classic. Alternatively, you can opt for muted colors such as white and black which will still work great. 

2. Avoid different patterns

Too many patterns will have the opposite result of what you’re trying to achieve. To avoid that, partner a pattern with a block color and keep away from wearing different styles of the same pattern. For instance, if you decide you’re sporting floral slip-on, match them up with a primary-colored handbag but of the same shade. Don’t go for two types of floral patterns. 

3. Never mix seasons

Respect the seasons and never mix them up. Just as you can never sport a pair of summer shorts with a winter overcoat, these rules also apply to bags and shoes. Summer gear should never cross paths with winter accessories. Let the heavier stuff in your wardrobe wait for the colder months and stick to the warm weather shoes and summer bags the other times. 

You can steal the spotlight at whichever event or occasion by taking advantage of the simple yet effective tips. Remember, you might have the most magnificent outfits and accessories but without proper coordination and matching, the results can be quite chaotic. 


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