Important Things To Consider When Adding A Conservatory To Your Home

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Adding Conservatory

Before building a conservatory to your house, there are many things you need to keep in mind. The more planning you put into the process, the better the results.

Conservatories are very aesthetic additions to any house and they bring more functions to any living space, so taking care of the installation process is important. If you don’t know where to start with planning for your conservatory, this article will help you find out what the main points you need to focus on are to start on the right track.

What Is The Purpose?

This is the first question you need to be asking yourself before you decide to build a conservatory, think about what value will this extension add to your home. Conservatory installations are expensive and require much planning, so you don’t want to waste money without a solid plan. You also need to know that it could be a big chance for you to transform your living space if you plan the functions of such an addition properly. You can use a conservatory space to have your own separate office that gets more sunlight access than other rooms in your house. You can also use it for extra rooms if your family is growing. Whether you turn it into a dining room or just use it to grow plants, deciding why you want to build a conservatory will let you know how to build it and how to make it look as planned.

The Construction

It’s very important to choose the material before building any structure. The style of your house and the age of it can affect how you design a conservatory. If you are looking for something more affordable, then going with uPVC for your conservatory frame is the best option because uPVC requires less maintenance than wood. Think about the design and structure of the interior. You don’t have to have a glass roof for your conservatory, interior fashion is changing, but if you do, think about the kind of blinds you are going to be using for the design. You will need to decide first on the color of the interior wood to choose the color of your Blinds. The main function of these roof blinds is to provide shade and are an effective cooling system, so make sure you choose your color and style early on. Aluminum is a very contemporary option for the conservatory frame and interior design, invest in aluminum frames, if you are looking for quality and durability. If you are looking for a more natural look, you can go for timber and paint it in your favorite colors. Ask for wood from a sustainable source though, you can decide on this with your installer. If you want it to seem more part of the house and be used all year round consider a proper roof using an installer such as

Another essential consideration is the drainage and ventilation of your conservatory. This is especially important if you choose to add a glass roof, as it can become very hot during the summer months. Proper gutter installation will ensure that rainwater is drained away from the roof to prevent leaks. If you’re looking for gutter services in fort wayne, Indiana, for example, start by researching local companies and reading reviews to find the best fit for your needs. Additionally, proper ventilation will help with air circulation and prevent condensation build-up. Remember to discuss these options with your installer during the planning process.

Planning Permission

Even though most conservatories do not require planning permissions, you will need to check if there’s any just to stay safe. Planning permission will be required if your conservatory exceeds more than half the space around your house or if it’s higher than 4 meters, or at least higher than the highest building attached to your house. The good news is you don’t have to apply for the permission yourself, many companies will do this on your behalf as part of their service in building your conservatory, this includes them handling the paperwork related to the planning officials in your area. It’s not always easy or straightforward to apply for permission, but it’s always safer to check before starting any construction. Also, check for any building regulations required for building a conservatory, experts will have more to say about this one, so ask people who have experience in this field.


You need to mind the location and positioning of your conservatory because the direction your conservatory faces will affect how you build the flooring, install the heating, and take care of ventilation. Installing a heating system in your conservatory will be needed if it faces the direction of the north. This means it will be cooler and receives less sunlight, which will make it a good getaway in the summer. On the other hand, if your conservatory faces the south direction, it will tend to overheat in the morning and you will need to take extra care of the ventilation system. A good idea in this case will be integrated blinds or air conditioning systems to cope with the heat.

modern Conservatory

Always ask your installer or the installation company for instructions on the placement, maintenance after you finish building the place. Make sure you clean the windows and any glass used in the material of your conservatory and try to follow all the instructions to maintain the place. Building a conservatory can be expensive, but if enough thought is put into maintaining this extra space it can be functional and add more value to your house.


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