What is the most affordable premium car in 2018?

words Al Woods

The Audi A3 has been voted one of the best affordable luxury cars. It’s no wonder with it’s up to the minute smart, innovative design. The advanced safety features of this premium car gives you comfort and peace of mind.

Don’t worry that it may be out of your price range. You could be picking up the keys to a brand new Audi A3 Cabriolet Sport 2 door for as little as £314.53 a month. This deal includes road tax, breakdown recovery, and full warranty.

If you require a larger family size car you could be driving away in a brand new Audi A3 Saloon for just £254.15 a month. Road tax, breakdown recovery, and full warranty are all included. There are plenty more affordable Audi A3 deals to help you finance your new car.


Audi A3 road handling

The Audi A3 offers superb handling for both the Sportback version and family saloon. You wouldn’t necessarily expect this in a car at such an affordable price.

Virtual cockpit

The Audi A3 boasts an impressive high tech virtual cockpit. You get a large 12 inch display which can be switched from traditional instrument mode to infotainment mode.

Its vibrant 3d graphics are easily viewable, allowing you to drive safely while keeping an eye on essential information. You’re able to interact with the virtual cockpit using either the MMI dial, voice control, or the multifunction steering wheel.

You can make phone calls, select music, view the satnav screen, check outside temperature, and lots more. All from the cockpit.

Bluetooth smartphone connection is available on all Audi A3 models allowing you to play your favorite music tracks or even stream music through YouTube.

Audi Safety technology

The Audi A3 has innovative safety features allowing drivers to avoid collisions in heavy traffic. This optional Stop and Go feature keeps the car at a safe distance from the one in front. Many minor collisions occur during rush hour or on congested roads.

Another high tech safety feature is the traffic jam assist. It works in slow traffic up to 40 miles per hour. It can even take over steering for a brief period.

Optional emergency assist is another safety feature that brings the car to a safe stop if no steering activity is detected. This only happens after several warnings. Rear cross traffic assist warns of traffic crossing your path behind your vehicle. This is very handy when you’re reversing out of a parking space.

Multiple airbags with advanced technology protect you and your passengers in the event of an accident. Power central locking lets you lock the doors quickly at the press of a button. Its advanced safety feature unlocks all doors if the airbags are activated. This gives peace of mind knowing you and your passengers can escape in the event of a crash.

Spacious front seats

The front seats in the Audi A3 are very spacious allowing for plenty of leg room. This is great news for drivers who spend long hours commuting. Rear seats have less room, though still very adequate for 2 adults.

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