Dumas Paris: The name of sleeping luxury

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You are a home after a long tiring day of work. A day that started as early as 7 in the morning and ended at around 9 in the evening. After a long tough day, you only carve one thing and that is your bed. A relaxing bed with a nice pillow and comforter ready to embrace you and take your tiredness out of you. If this is the feeling you are looking for, Dumas Paris is the place to be.

With a history of more than a 100 years in the bedding industry, Dumas Paris is one of the world’s most famous bed pillows, duvets and comforter marker. As its name tells the brand originates from Paris relating itself to the French tradition of sleeping well and sleeping in luxury. The company claims to be one of a kind that offers its clients exclusively made pillows, comforters and duvets that would give them the best sleep they have ever had.

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The brand has specialized in making bed and sleep related equipment. The diversity of the products is such that once you go through the product catalogue you will be amazed to see the amount of research and development the company does in making the perfect sleeping products for different individuals. The company has some of the top notch hotel chains in its list of clients for which it makes exclusive products based on their needs.

Pillows: Starting off with the very first thing one looks at when getting into their beds. Pillows at Dumas come in a variety of ranges. The first thing one must choose is the material of the pillow that weather you need a natural pillow or a synthetic one, then the kind of comfort you desire which could be soft, flexible or even firm pillows and lastly of course the size which you can choose at your very own liking. There are so many more options in the category for example the “Goose Down Soft Pillow,” is ideally made for side and stomach sleepers. Moreover, the company also makes portable travel pillows for travelers and delivers them in an easily carry able bag that one can take where he likes.     

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Duvets: In some hotels the duvets are so comfortable and cozy that you hardly want to get out of bed. Duvets are one of the unique selling products of Dumas Paris. They offer you a complete tailored duvet that is made to the requirement of your room temperature, the style of your sleep and the design of your bed. Imagine! The amount of customization and focus the company puts in making these comforters. They are also available in both natural and synthetic material, in different sizes and also specific to seasons. You can order a winter duvet, a summer duvet or even a 4 season duvet. Fill in the questionnaire on the Dumas Paris website named as “Your Ideal Duvet” and the company would itself get back to you with the best possible duvet for you.

Featherbeds: These mattress toppers are as soft as their name suggests. Made with some of the finest raw materials these featherbeds make your sleep soothing and your nights unforgettable. Coming in different shapes and sizes these mattress toppers are also available in premium and luxe comfort categories. Some of the world’s best hotel chains have adopted the featherbeds of Dumas hence providing their guests with some of the best sleeping experiences.

Blankets: Well no bedding equipment store is complete without blankets. Having been used by humans for centuries blankets are still the most favored by our traditional people. Keeping this in mind Dumas Paris offers some very fine knitted blankets that are extremely light and offer soothing softness.

Accessories: To make the sleeping experience of their clients priceless the company offers charismatic accessories that not only enhance your sleep but makes the environment of your room simply irresistible. Offering some very fine pillow mists which come in different fragrances that make the ambiance of your room one to die for.

Dumas is committed to offerings its customers’ luxury sleeping at their homes with some very fine tailored sleeping products. They also offer a unique personalized embroidery service which allows you to embroil your initials on your pillows and duvets etc. It offers Gift cards that you can send to your loved ones. Last but not the least it also offers free delivery across France. So what are you waiting for, make your sleeps unforgettable with Dumas Paris.


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