Tips for the perfect family camping trip

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family camping trip

Camping is an ideal activity to bond with your family and creates those lifelong memories. Your family will be away from all digital platforms, and you get to work together during the adventure, but without proper preparation, the experience can be tragic.

Here are a few tips for planning that family camping trip.

The How

Family camping trips require that you decide on how you will camp. In case you have older kids, backpacking or car camping might be suitable for your family. For the first time, campers consider RV camping or car camping. When you have small kids, or you have a family that likes comfort, RV camping would be suitable for you considering that they are affordable and you can always pick the comfort level based on the type of RV that you have rented. Experts from would advise you to research on the RV before renting one as you prepare for that next experience. Rent camping cabins can also be an alternative and keep in mind that you can select the level of comfort.

Some cabins have a kitchen and a bathroom while others are equipped with home amenities; choose one that suits your family needs. In case you select cabin camping, it would be appropriate if you reserve the cabin ahead of time to ensure you get it at the set date.

Create responsibilities

Creating responsibilities and offering them to team members would make the camping experience worthwhile and get all campers involved. Assign cooking duties, cleaning, and gathering tasks to your wife and kids and ensure that everyone fulfills their obligations. It would also be essential to encourage the unplugging of all family members from handheld gaming devices, cell phones, or the television; your family will bond even better.

Involve the Kids

Give your kids a chance to air their views about the trip and let them participate in planning. Your kids will feel happier, and they will know that they own the trip. Provide your kids with a list of activities they wish to do, places they want to travel and let them contribute to planning the camping meals.


All families are different; therefore, camping essentials would be different in every family. You will need to prepare a camping list when preparing for the trip. Ensure that you have a first aid kit, blankets, rain gear, batteries, a tent, food and snacks, insect repellent, and appropriate footwear.


You need enough space to pack more items than you had planned as a cautionary measure. Carry some extra clothes, food, and blankets and include extra clothes for varying weather conditions and footwear for the activities you planned for camping.

When tent camping, ensure your tent is large enough to fit everyone. Carry along an air mattress and cots to maximize the sleeping comfort; a lovely night’s sleep makes happier campers.

Who, When, and Where?

Ask yourself who will accompany you the number of people on the trip and the age bracket of the campers. Consider these factors when selecting the location and season for organizing the camping trip.

You also need to ask yourself the exact time the camping will take place and analyze the weather patterns. The analysis will help you plan during packing and will enable you to prepare for ideal family activities. If the weather is hot or cold, make plans to either warm-up or cool off.

Consider the location where the camping will take place in the environmental conditions, then select a camping site that suits your preference. Based on the when and where you have picked, you need to book reservations in advance, given that popular camping sites might be overbooked.

The Activities

You need to plan the activities that you will have during camping in advance. Put together games that kids will play and do research on the events that will go on at the campground.  You need to heighten the camping experience with some fun activities. Some activities for camping include nature hikes, board games, stargazing, scavenger hunts, and nighttime card games. These activities will make a memorable camping experience.

Prepping meals and snacks

Keep in mind that hungry campers are angry campers, and snacks along with meals would be integral in making a fun trip. Ensure that you conduct a meal prep before starting the journey. There are some necessary food items you need that include chopping and portioning meats marinades, sauces, seasonings, and pre-made dry pancake batter. Also, have some fruits, veggies, popcorn and chips snack packs for the travel day.

Generally, you will get tired, experience hiccups, forget some items, among other troubles during the camping trip, but if you consider these tips, you don’t have to worry since most of your problems will be sorted. The greatest achievement for the journey would be having fun as a family in a comfortable and safe environment.


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