Rejuvenate yourself with a classic summer car trip

Rejuvenate yourself with a classic summer car trip – words Al Woods

summer car trip

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Driving back and forth to work in the midst of rush hour is one thing, but cruising on the road with picturesque views and beautiful scenery is a whole other story. Daily driving can be a hassle and it’s difficult to enjoy anything about driving, but if you want to tap into just how pleasurable driving can be, why not consider driving your car to your summer vacation spot this year?

There are a whole bunch of reasons why a car trip should be your choice this summer. If you’re not convinced, keep reading and by the end you will be!

Freedom: If summer represents anything, it’s freedom. Freedom to go and come as you please without being tied down to anything is a pleasure in itself. Some other modes of travel might be faster, but they are, without a doubt, restricting. You can’t just suddenly change your plans on a whim. With a car, you can go and come at the times you want to, you don’t have to wake up during ungodly hours to catch a flight or a bus, and drive as much or as little as you want.

Take what you want: Even in a car, it’s better to travel light, but at least you still have the freedom to take what you want instead of just what you need. You can bring a small cooler or electric oven and cooking utensils if you’re planning for a camping trip, for example. 

Less planning: If you’re not the greatest planner, then a car trip is definitely for you. Without a car, you will find yourself having to plan every single detail from tickets to hotels, tourist spots and car rental options. If you’re traveling to just one place, that might not seem like such a big deal. But when you’re planning to visit several areas and reserving for several people, it becomes a very big deal and demands quite a bit of effort. With a car, the only main thing you really do have to plan is to make sure your car is in good summer shape. You want to make sure your machine is up to the task, so check your tires, air conditioning and battery, among other things. If you’re in the market for a new battery, you can go to and review different brands and prices. More often than not, your car battery actually needs to be replaced before it completely dies. 

Less costs: It’s definitely less costly than other means. With your car, you don’t have to wait for low seasons for better prices. When you tally all the expenses you’ll need without a car, you’ll find they add up quickly. Without a car, you’re also likely to eat at more expensive places because they’ll be the convenient areas like in or near your hotel. With a car, you could explore other areas where things can be cheaper. Besides all that, if you’re a group of buddies traveling together and you split the costs, it won’t get any cheaper than that.

Visit more places: This is one big advantage of a car trip. There are lots of places that are just not accessible by other means of transportation. Whether on top of a mountain or in the middle of ancient ruins, a car makes getting to more remote or difficult to access areas easier.

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After your trip, you’ll come back feeling better than ever. You went where you want at your own pace and you did it comfortably and inexpensively, what more can a person ask for? Traveling by car lets you explore so many new things. You can stop and enjoy the places whenever you want without stressing out about time. The best part of it is that you enjoy the journey the way you want to.


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