The Benefits of Eating Organically Grown Food

words Alexa Wang

The average consumer is far more health-conscious than ever before, and this is exactly why sales of organic food are on the rise. Over the years farming has changed a great deal in order to meet with rising demand for products, and this has created the lower quality and chemical-rich produce which we find in our stores.

Thankfully however there are many places like Organic Food Markets where consumers can get their hands on pesticide-free produce, which offers a wide range of benefits to those who buy it.

If you are thinking about making the switch to organic produce, here are just some of the benefits which you will be able to count on when you do.

Organically Grown Food

Avoiding GMOs

GMO stands for genetically modified organisms and they are used throughout farming to modify the way in which plants are grown. This helps to increase the speed of growth and even enhances the way in which fruit and vegetables look. Unfortunately, however, GMOs are a major threat to the genetic diversity of our food. Organic produce doesn’t use this process, helping you to do your bit for the planet.

Increased Health

Numerous studies have shown that organic food is better all-round for a healthy lifestyle. The experts working over at Organic Authority can also explain why this is the case. Organic produce doesn’t use any chemically-produced pesticides, meaning that there are fewer toxins present in the food when it reaches your plate. This means that you can get all of the vitamins and minerals without any unhealthy side effects. There are no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors which are added to organic food, and the fewer synthetic substances we are consuming, the healthier that we are going to be. Although many chemicals are allowed to be added to food under law, there is still no telling what exactly we are putting into our bodies when we consume this kind of stuff. Going organic means that you will know exactly what you are eating at all times.

Eating Organic Food

Improved Taste of Products

One of the most compelling reasons as to why you should opt for organic food is that the taste is far richer and of a much higher quality than non-organic food. A recent study that was carried out over a 6-year period found that organic onions feature a higher content of flavanol than non-organic onions. These are also the results of other studies which have been carried out on a variety of organic produce. And so if you want the tastiest apple or the sweetest strawberry, make sure that you are buying those which have been organically grown.

Eating The Sewer

Believe it or not, a lot of non-organic produce which is grown has in fact been treated with what is called sewage sludge. This is wastewater that is applied to crops as fertilizer. You can only imagine the number of toxic compounds, hormones, and dirty pathogens which has been added to this mixture. To avoid eating this kind of product always ensure that you opt to go for organically grown produce.

Doing it For The Workers

Something which not enough people talk about is the fact that when using pesticides and fertilizers on non-organic produce, farmworkers can be at risk. These chemicals are harmful at the point of being administered and this is something that can pose a threat to those who are working on the farm. The more organic produce which we buy, however, means that more of these far workers can avoid these dangerous chemicals. This is the same situation for many who live close to farms too, as pesticides can easily drift through the air.

There are so many incredible reasons as to why you should make the switch to eating organic produce and foods. The more that demand increases, the lower the costs will be too!


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