4 Life-Saving Things You Should Know Before Getting Permanent Makeup

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Permanent Makeup


If you are always looking for a long-lasting lip gloss, eyeliner, or concealer, permanent makeup might be the solution for you. This procedure can help you hide the acne scars and vitiligo patches that always have you worried. Moreover, after a mastectomy tattooing your nipples back can aid your mental recovery.

However, just like tattoos, permanent makeup can pose fatal risks if not handled with care. For instance, the esthetician should sterilize the PMU supplies like the permanent makeup machines. In addition, the following are other safety practices and the knowledge you should have before the procedure.

Research the Technician’s Background

It goes without saying; the practitioners should have an excellent track record of reputable work. There are three things to consider in a potential specialist- artistry, safety, and technique. The artistry will guide precision and prevent disfiguration of facial features. Also make sure that your artist must use professional tattoo kits at the time of tattooing as it will make your tattoo experience more smoother and batter.

On the other hand, safety is an essential part of the process. If, for some reason, you doubt your faith in the specialist, back out. Last but not least, the technique determines how long the ink will last under your skin without discoloration or fading.

It Hurts

Like tattoos, getting ink under your skin through permanent tattoos is painful. Luckily, since the face is sensitive, the owner will provide a local anesthetic. For example, it would be torture to safely get ink on the eyelids without numbness.

Moreover, the more you keep moving around in pain, the higher the chances are that the practitioner can disfigure your face. The key to successful permanent makeup, like temporary makeup, is to stay still throughout the process.

It Can Last For Years

If you haven’t fully committed to the process and have the same face for a few years to come, it is never too late to back out. At least the ink will stay under your skin for approximately two to five years. During this period, your skin will look the same regardless of what you do.

As a result, ensure the decision to get permanent makeup, especially for the face, is personal and thought-through. It would be sad to start regretting your procedure when it becomes irreversible. Therefore, ask yourself why you want the tattoo; if it is just for a getaway it’s not worth it. Furthermore, if you are genuinely into the procedure, you will lose interest as time goes.

The Colors Fade over Time 

Repeated exposure to the sun will change the color of your makeup, or it will fade. Fading is a normal part of ink under the skin. Hence, any shops advertising touch-ups after only a year either lack the technique or have no artistry.

Often, the ink colors darken four to seven days after the procedure as the skin gets restored. Later, after the skin settles, the color regains 60% brightness after four weeks. Then, as the years come and go the ink gradually faces until you go back for a touch-up.

Final Thoughts

Fortunately, permanent makeup is appropriate and safe for all ages, gender, and skin tones. Therefore, there are no reservations in cosmetic tattooing for a specific generation or skin color. Moreover, the same ink used on the face is also safe for the body.

However, there are exceptions to skin tattooing: pregnant and breastfeeding women and people undergoing cancer treatment. Ultimately, permanent makeup boosts your confidence and spares your preparation time in the morning.


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