8 money-saving hacks for online shopping

8 money-saving hacks for online shopping – words Alexa Wang

money-saving hacks

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Most people like to shop online. Everything they need is there on the internet. They can easily compare similar items, find the cheapest ones, and if you’re lucky, get discounts and enjoy some great deals. Take for example Answear promotional offers and La Redoute discounts.

When it comes to online shopping security, there’s no doubt about it. Those prominent e-tailers have proven themselves being safe for shoppers. Shipping, on the other hand, is the most convenient factor for all. You can buy products within your fingertips and have them delivered to your doorstep just as soon.

So you see, online shopping is an easier and more convenient option for consumers. Unfortunately, many people enjoy the concept of online shopping too much that they dash through every purchase and lose as much of their resources.

Word of advice: Keep calm. You simply need to control your spending power and be more practical shopping online. Here are some tricks for you to save more bucks as you shop:

#1 Use the wishlist option

When you put an item on your wishlist, the company will alert you whenever the price has dropped. Just make sure you’ve linked your email account to your chosen e-commerce site. You can also create a separate email account that is for online shopping purposes only. E-tailers will send you an email and keep you updated with some great deals.

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#2 Check the website for promo codes

Many websites have promotional offers. These are great marketing strategies that work all the time. It attracts clients to buy something and not leave their site empty-handed. Check the website and get your hands on these promo codes. For a start, check out inside out coupon codes. You can also get tires discounts in dekkonline.com.

#3 Sign up for email discounts

Many marketers spoil their email subscribers with discounts and redeemable points. This is one way to find discounts you can use on every purchase. And if your retailer offers redeemable points, it’s much better. You can stack your points and use them later. Don’t forget to use your shopping email account to easily sift promotional emails sent from your e-shopping store. You can summarize your subscriptions and get updates.

#4 Use automatic rebate apps

Unless your favorite e-shop offers rebate options, you can get your cash back using third party sources. There are apps that let you enjoy rebates on most online purchases. Some even give you coupons. Try to look for a reliable website under this niche and sign up.

#5 Use coupons on sales

There are companies that will send you coupons straight to your email (that’s why it’s best to check your emails from time to time). When you got one, try to check if the coupon has an expiry date. Keep the coupon for the meantime and wait for a sale to use it. Most websites have sales every month. You can enjoy bigger discounts when you use coupons with sales.

#6 Compare prices on Google

Are you not sure if the item is priced correctly? Here’s a great tip: Type the item’s name on your Google search bar or on the shopping tab. Let’s say for instance you want to find the cheap internet subscription. You’ll see a list of related and/or similar products with prices from different sites. This is a good way to get a heads up on an item’s price range. From there, you can assess if you’ve truly found a great deal on a particular site. You can also choose which retailer site to buy the cheapest item. It’s a handy trick most especially when you are not that familiar with an item and its rate.

#7 Plan your purchase ahead

Retailers hold big sales on seasonal trends. For example, jackets are often highly discounted during summer. This is the ideal time to purchase your favorite jacket or hoard on other seasonal trends. Smart shoppers look out for the best time to buy things. They plan ahead for some big purchases. Take this into consideration whenever you want to buy a seasonal item. You may buy it at a greater discount soon.

#8 Pick up your items in the store

In case your e-retailer has a brick and mortar nearby, you can save bucks from your shipping cost and get the items at their physical store. Unless you’re eligible for free shipping, the extra dime needed for your product’s logistics can be quite costly. You can use the money for another purchase instead. Some stores have same day pick-up option. You can drop by and claim your item while you’re on your way for school, work, or other outdoor activity.

The best trick of all is to use these strategies altogether. You can sign up on a website and get a discount, find a great item on sale, purchase it using your discount, and get redeemable points after your check out. Imagine how much money you could save while shopping online, right?


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