8 tips for finding a stylish and affordable homecoming dress online

8 tips for finding a stylish and affordable homecoming dress online – words Jonah Levine

“Cinderella never asked for a prince. She asked for a night off and a dress.” – Kiera Cass

Homecoming dress shopping doesn’t have to be a headache. Finding your dream dress is simple if you know where to look. Here are eight tips for finding the perfect homecoming dress online in the convenience of your own home.

1. Give Yourself Enough Time

Start looking for your homecoming dress around three months in advance. If you buy it less than a month before the event, you might not have enough time for adjustments (trust us, these are inevitable. Even the most superb gown will need some work on the seams or elsewhere). Smart girls always set sufficient time aside to avoid stressing out later.

2. Create a Budget

This is the second step, and that’s no accident – in the grand scheme of things, time is of greatest essence, followed by money. Clothes for special events always require budgeting. Why? Both online and traditional brick and mortar stores will offer sales and discounts that seem amazing at first, but after you’ve spent a few days shopping around, you will either no longer be able to tell the difference or be tempted to spend more than would be reasonable. Whether you’ll hire dresses in Melbourne or buy a custom-made dress, set a budget in advance to avoid feeling overwhelmed. 

3. Have a Style in Mind

Our third step – decide on the style. Try as we might, we sometimes can’t find the homecoming dress of our dreams within the time frame we’ve set ourselves (see tip 1). Don’t stress. Your dress doesn’t have to be out of this world for you to stand out at homecoming or even be queen – its purpose is to bring your inner beauty out and emphasize your outer beauty. You will be crowned, not your dress!

When shopping around, always think about how the dress should feel, not only about how it should look. You don’t need a super fancy dress to be noticed – it’s enough to be yourself and feel great about what you’re wearing.

The Devil’s in the Details

Now, let’s get a bit more specific. Are you looking for figure-hugging or flowing and loose? Classic or modern? Do you like embellishments like beading, embroidery, lace? Sequins? Most people love them, but you do you!

Search out stores or styles you find appealing to get some ideas. When in doubt, classics like cocktail dresses and A-line skirts never go out of style and are flattering to any body type. So many unique homecoming dresses are on sale right now – you can use this to your advantage. Homecoming is a less formal event, so for a twist on a classic, try a blended dress combining different materials, like lace and satin, or a bolder color or pattern.

In 2019, cap and flutter sleeves are in. Fresh, breathtaking rhinestone beads will be taking homecoming fashion by storm. Rose gold is the best hue to be seen in this year. The highlights of the world’s best collections are wondrous, bejeweled pieces in this riveting color. Another great thing about this nuance is that it works for all skin tones and is very versatile, ranging from pale pink to opulent golden rose. 

4. Take Accurate Measurements

You’re thinking, “Easier said than done.” And you’d be right, sizing is tricky. Here are some practical tips.

Waist, Bust, and Hip Measurements

Note that the bust isn’t the same as bra size. Take bust measurements where your chest is fullest. Don’t rely on your bra size. Your correct waist measurement would be the smallest part between the hips and bust, normally an inch above the belly button. Take the hip measurement at the fullest part of your body, around 6 inches below the waist.

A flexible measuring tape will yield the most accurate estimate. If you don’t have one, use a string to take your measurements and then measure the string using metal tape or a ruler.

It’s always important to consider differences between US, UK, and EU sizes. Most online retailers have size charts on their sites. Be extra careful if you’ve lost weight recently. Lots of people shed a few pounds for events like prom and homecoming.

5. Look Out for Counterfeit Dresses

We can all imagine that dreadful moment when someone realizes, “This isn’t what I ordered at all.” If that’s already happened: run, don’t walk to the nearest seamstress or a friend who’s handy with a sewing machine and get the dress fixed. If that’s not possible, order a new one, and this time – from a legitimate retailer! If you’re shopping online, check for contact details, license data, and a physical address of the company. Authorized sellers normally have some legal documents on their site too, like terms of delivery.

6. Utilize Coupons and Sales 

Coupons and sales are a girl’s best friend. There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing you look like a million bucks and that you didn’t spend it. Look for discount shopping sites and retailers that offer dresses on sale due to overstocking, like TheDressWarehouse. That way you’re getting a beautiful designer dress of top quality from a legitimate retailer at an affordable price. What’s not to love about that?

7. Shop Online Discount Stores

Many online retailers have vast selections of dresses and gowns for events like homecoming and prom. You can grab a lovely dress at a discount if you look hard enough. Shopping online is especially convenient for girls who are very busy or live in areas where the number of retailers is limited. To streamline the online shopping process, do your homework in advance. Check delivery times and make sure the dress will arrive well before homecoming. Sizes can vary from one designer to another, especially when you take body type and dress style into account.

8. Be Patient

Our final, but definitely not least important tip – it is patience and not practice that makes perfect when it comes to shopping for homecoming. Be patient and plan for exchanging or returning a dress and shipping times. Take the time to decide on your ideal color and style and pick the right accessories.

It’s Your Time To Shine

In the immortal words of Elizabeth Eulberg, nobody wants to give up a weekend-long excuse to dress up and attempt to outshine one another. When you buy the perfect homecoming dress online, you’re bringing the fitting room experience to the comfort of your home. We wish you luck in your search – you’ll find that a woman with exquisite taste can shine in the designer gown of her dreams without paying a high price.  

Author Bio: Jonah Levine is the Creative Director of TheDressWarehouse.com. TheDressWarehouse.com was launched in 2018 as the go-to online source for amazing prom dresses on sale. With 10 years experience in the industry, Jonah works daily to scour the evening wear markets to find the hottest styles and to negotiate the best prices for special occasion wear on the internet.





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