Why It’s Always Useful To Have Some Hand Sanitizer in Your Home

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Hand Sanitizer

The fact that cleanliness is next to godliness is inarguable. However, the creators of this saying might have left out a few details. Perhaps they didn’t see the need to further elaborate the meaning of cleanliness based on the context, or maybe it didn’t occur to them by then that they should have.

Well, something might appear clean to the naked eye, but does this really mean that it is safe or harmless? Of course, this argument will easily take us back to the English language, and possibly end up confusing us even more. But as we try to decipher this, you are probably aware of microscopic bugs that can make humans, animals, and even plants sick, or are you?

Defining Sanitization: What’s A Sanitizer?

While science argues that they are the simplest forms of life and that they probably existed before us, bacteria, fungi, and viruses are real and have been with us for many millennia. One after the other, some of these germs have wreaked havoc, disrupted human life, and even caused worldwide terror through what is known as pandemics. If you’re reading this in 2020 (or after), this is something you’re obviously familiar with by now, amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Well, sanitization is simply the act or process of cleaning something thoroughly to make it free from dirt and germs, as well as other infectious material that may harm human health.

As you might have already guessed, a sanitizer is the substance (usually a liquid, foam, or gel) used to sanitize surfaces and objects. Now, it might sound a bit absurd, but it is possible that more than half of the world’s population only learned of hand sanitizers after the coronavirus pandemic, let alone using one. But this aside, having a hand sanitizer solution in your home comes with many benefits. Keeping you disciplined in protecting your family’s health is why having some hand sanitizer in your home is always useful.

Cleaning Hands

Germs are everywhere! Hand sanitizers come in handy when you want to clean your hands in a pinch, especially when you don’t have access to running water and soap. In the “New Normal” environment, cleaning our hands frequently is nowadays not an option but rather a mandatory requirement.

Existing research has shown that rubbing a few drops of an alcohol-based hand sanitizer on your hands can inactivate most viruses and kill most bacteria. The best thing is that hand sanitizers come in various quantities that you can easily buy online these days from the comfort of your home. If you have some at home, you can transfer it into a small container when heading out and use it to keep your hands clean in case you need to visit a public washroom, touch money, or touch surfaces that could be infected by the coronavirus or other germs.

Hand Sanitiser

Cleaning Surfaces

Keeping a few bottles of sanitizer in your house is a great idea. Hand sanitizer can also be used as a cleaning agent due to its alcohol content. If you have it in high amounts, you can use it to clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces in the house at least once daily to keep germs and bacteria at bay. Clean the table surfaces, doorknobs, bathroom counters, light switches, and the TV remote, since these can also harbor various germs brought into your home by guests, friends, and other family members. You can also use it to wipe off the dirt from your phone, laptop keyboards, and mouse. Squirt some hand sanitizer on a soft cloth; ensure it’s not plugged as you clean.

Removing Marker Stains

Hand sanitizers are not just for maintaining proper hygiene. They can come in handy in removing permanent marker stains on almost all wood surfaces. Simply cover the stain with a hand Sanitizer, leave it for at least one minute, and then wipe the ink off with a soft cloth. It also works in removing marker stains on your clothes, and walls. Simply squirt it around the edges of the stains, leave it for at least 10-15 minutes, and then wash off the stain. 

Hand Sanitiser

Removing Stuck Labels

Have you ever bought new dishes, furniture, or a present for a friend, and once you peel the price tag, a second layer gets difficult to peel? Well, with a hand sanitizer, it becomes easier to remove. The alcohol in the sanitizer works to de-stick the adhesive in the sticker glue. Once you apply a few drops on the spot, you will only need to rub a bit, give it a few minutes, then scrape it using a blunt object, and the gunk stuff is gone!

Finally, some people attest to using their hand sanitizer as a deodorant for those weird moments when they forgot to apply perfume as they left home in a hurry. Some swear by it when it comes to removing fingerprints from stainless steel. Surprisingly, others have found relief from acne pain by rubbing a few drops of hand sanitizer on the painful spot. Despite the many benefits, however, it is always important to ensure you use your hand sanitizer the right way to curb the spread of germs.


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