4 reasons to use android mockup for mobile app pitches

words Al Woods

When it comes to creating a mobile application, the hard part is actually getting a client to support it—to buy the design for commercial distribution. Not to put down the designing and creating part but if you opted to produce a digital product then that means it is your forte—your wheelhouse. However, the marketing part of your product is definitely not your expertise.

So how do you showcase your digital product so that clients will back it up? Well, first, you have to create an amazing product. Second, you have to package it. One way to do that is through the Android mockup, which is a snapshot prototype of what the product will look like in the real world.

It’s a great time to be a mobile app creator or designer, though, because there are so many Android mockup templates around for you to use. One site, UX Planet, provides 20 free Android mockups that you can use for your digital product. The mockups are available in PSD file and Sketch formats.

Ramotion store also has its own lineup of mockups that people have been raving about. They are not free mockups, though, but sometimes, the best things in life are not free. They are also available in PSD and Sketch. Among the PSD mockups available are Google Pixel 3 mockup, HTC One A9 mockup, Samsung Galaxy mockup, Samsung Galaxy S10 mockup and Samsung mockup clay. Ramotion mockup users have said they were grateful that Android mobile devices were getting representation. A lot of mockups were concentrated on Apple devices. Others were also glad that there were a variety of flat and angled phones in the mockup lineup.

So why should you use the Android mockup? Here are four reasons why you should use this type of mockup in order to pitch your mobile application design or creation:

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1. Android is the most popular operating system

The Android is a mobile operating system developed by tech giant Google. But when the OS was launched to the public, various companies supported it. That’s why HTC, Samsung and Sony, among others, are using the OS in their devices. According to statistics, 80% of smartphone purchases in 2017 worldwide were Android. It makes sense because not a lot of people could afford Apple devices. Android is even expecting that this market share will increase to 85% by 2020.

There are hundreds of millions of Android users in the world. As a result, mobile app developers are racing to create digital products for the Android devices. There are 2.8 million Android apps in the Google Play. These figures will tell you that it is best to use the Android mockup when showcasing your digital product.

What the Android mockup—from Samsung mockups to Google Pixel mockups and everything in between—does is that it tells clients that there is a large audience for your digital product.

2. You can see mobile app amid real environment

Going on the samples provided by Ramotion, the mockups will allow clients to see how your digital product will look when it is already ensconced on the phone. Here’s a tip, use Smart Object when you create the mockup because it is easier to edit that way. You only need to download the mockup provided by the store and place your design on the screen of the devices in the mockup. The Samsung Galaxy S10 mockup, for example, shows two S10 devices put side by side. One has the white background and the other is in black. This could be essential when showcasing your product with the light on and in dark mode. Dark mode is very popular nowadays and it is great to see the side by side comparison of your design in different modes.

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3. Android mockup tells a story

There are so many Android mockups that use natural environment as part of template or one that composes a set of fixture and accessories. The significance of this is that clients can see how your digital product will look like when used in the real world. Say you want to show that your digital product is being used by a group of friends because you have designed an Android app that allows group engagement. So you can set up a group of friends, each one holding an Android phone as your mockup. The story here is that your Android app can foster friendship and it can help a group of friends bond.

Smartphones are now being used in so many practical applications. One of which is the payment system. You can showcase this by having a mockup of a person whose phone is being scanned or tapped for payment. Another practical use of the smartphone is online shopping. One such mockup showcases a person holding an Android phone on one hand and a credit card on the other. This tells the story of a person shopping and paying for their online purchases.

4. Amps up presentation

If you just show off your digital product as is, there will be no impact. The mockup enriches your digital design. It is like a packaging. Items are just not as enticing when it is not packaged well. But of course, you have to choose the right mockup in order to show off your product well. A wrong packaging might cost you a client. An Android mockup will take your design to a whole new level.


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