7 Arduino Projects For Beginners – Build your own digital device

Arduino is a company that designs and manufactures micro-controller based kits for building digital devices that can sense and control objects in the physical world. Here are some small suitable Arduino projects for beginners.


The mood lamp

This is one of the easiest Arduino Projects For Beginners and allows a beginner to get their feet wet in this micro-controller technology, as well as giving you the perfect light source that also reflects your mood. Construct and code an ambient light using an Arduino board and some common circuit components.

The single cell battery tester

Although the use of alkaline batteries is on the downturn, we still need them to power remote controls and some mobile devices. AA, and AAA cell batteries are still widely used to enable children’s toys and other small devices. What better way to test them than this inexpensive project, which will increase your knowledge of Arduino technology. These batteries carry much less than 5 V so let’s create a battery tester to get us on our way to being competent with this technology. An AA battery, when new, will have a charge of not more than 1.5 volts and this will decrease with use, so we will express the power level by using LED lights. We simply take the analogue reading and then convert that to volts.

Arduino alarm system

This simple yet effective alarm system uses a motion detector and emits a high-pitched tone, as well as a set of flashing LED lights. It isn’t going to protect your whole house, but is ideal for that cupboard where you keep your secret stuff stashed.

The traffic light controller

This simple idea is a great way to learn Arduino programming. The traffic light controller uses red, yellow and green LED lights to recreate a traffic light on your breadboard. You can adjust the code to alter the time settings, or even the sequence itself. Check out this link for more info on Arduino products.

Arduino powered temperature controller

This is ideal for growing plants indoors, or controlling the temperature of a reptile cage. With one Arduino and a few parts, you can create something that would be quite expensive to buy, at a fraction of the cost.

Re-create the arcade classic “Pong”

With an Arduino, a few parts, and your TV screen, you can create this arcade game that Atari brought us way back. Using parts found in the Arduino startup kit, you can link to your TV screen with a composite cable, giving you hours of fun. A bit of coding and soldering will make this game a reality. Here are some more ideas on cool Arduino projects that will enhance your Arduino knowledge.

Create your own ambi-light

This simple light will react to the light on your TV screen. With programmable LED strips, one can have ambient lighting that reacts to the images shown on your TV screen.

There are lots more cool Arduino Projects For Beginners online to help you get started with Arduino technology, and tutorials are available for all the above projects. Arduino products have opened the door to a new range of possibilities with add on peripheral support.



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