Benefits of doing a juice Fast

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juice Fast

There has got to be hundreds and thousands of different diets and food plans out there, and it can be really confusing as well as intimidating if you have no idea what’s going on, and want to find something that suits your needs.

There are, however, options that you simply cannot go wrong with, and juice fasting is certainly one of those. It’s been around for ages, and can be extremely beneficial for a number of reasons. It’s basically a fasting routine that you take on for a certain amount of time where you only consume juiced fruits and vegetables. And this is why we’re going to go over the benefits of doing a juice fast, so that you can become better informed before you decide to go on one.


This is probably one of the main and most popular reasons as to why people choose to go on juice fasts. This is because by fasting, you’re allowing all the oxidants to leave your body, and by taking in solely juiced fruits and vegetables, you’ll be nourishing your body in the process as well. Also keeping in mind that a multitude of fruits and vegetables already have antioxidants present.


Juice fasts do wonders for the immune system. When you are fasting, your body is encouraged to create new cells as well as remove and get rid of old and unhealthy cells. There’s always so much going on in our immune systems because our bodies are always fighting to keep us protected from bad food as well as pollution. So when you go on a juice fast for a short period of time, this allows the immune system to become strong again and function the way it was meant to.

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Recently, many studies have proved that the gut plays a vital role in our overall well being, both mentally and physically as well. By going on a juice fast, the fiber from the fruits and vegetable juices cleans out the gut and helps to strengthen it in a much healthier way.


There are a lot of people who suffer from bowel issues such as IBS for example, and it becomes extremely tiresome and stressful. Going on a juice fast does wonders for bowel movements because not only does it detoxify the body from the inside, the fruits and vegetables help to get the bowels moving in a more natural and comfortable way in the cleansing process.

There’s really no way to go wrong with a juice fast if it is done right. You need to make sure that you consult a professional nutritionist before you do it though. You don’t want to have sugar issues or be pregnant when you opt for this kind of fast. Otherwise, it is extremely healthy and effective, and is not too strenuous on the body because even though you are fasting, you’re still allowing your body to function as it detoxes with all the healthy antioxidants and vitamins that can be found in fresh fruits and vegetables.


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