5 of the Best Hidden Beaches in Europe You Need to Discover

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Hidden Beaches Europe

We’re all dreaming of those sun-laden, sandy shores, with few people around (if any), and with nothing more than a good cocktail in your hand, snoozing to the sound of the waves.

Too much stress caused by the pandemic has pushed us all to fantasize more about secluded places, much more so than overcrowded city streets. Knowing that travel restrictions are still widely present in most countries in the world, we should carefully choose even our secluded getaways.

The perfect blend of silence and natural beauty? European beaches scattered in different countries, giving you the best combination of serenity and untamed nature. Some of them are perfect for yachting enthusiasts, as you’ll be able to see more beaches in one go, while others are ideal for a one-off escapade to avoid all the crowds. Here are a few examples to keep your travel spirit alive.

The little-known gem of Formentera, Ibiza

At the very mention of Ibiza, you imagine parties that last through the night, crowds of tanned people dancing to the smooth rhythms of this relaxed island. However, Ibiza’s sister island Formentera with the main beach of the same name is what many would describe as its exact opposite – a calm, quiet nook cradled in sandy dunes, but also soothing pine trees.

Often compared to the Caribbean due to its translucent waters and delightfully smooth sand shores, this island is the ideal getaway to get closer to Mother Nature in all of its glory. Keep in mind that you can only reach this little island by boat or ferry, so you might want to rent your own boat and cruise around to visit other hidden beaches.

Best Hidden Beaches

The timeless charm of Zlatni Rat, Croatia

For westerners coming for a slice of serenity, Croatia represents the crown jewel of the Mediterranean. It’s peaceful, but packed with historic landmarks, the local people are immensely hospitable, and you’ll find the food to be delicious. What’s more, the islands scattered along the stretched Croatian coastline are perfect for island hopping and exploring the many little bays and beaches accessible only by boats.

To turn your secluded trip into a luxe getaway, look for a Croatia yachting charter that can take you to Zlatni Rat beach and allow you to explore the surrounding area, too. Nestled in the Dalmatia region, this particular island by the name of Brač is a treasure trove of coastal hideouts, but Zlatni Rat is often considered its most prized stretch of sand.

Sicily’s diamond in the rough, Scopello Beach

This little Sicilian village seems to be stuck in the past. Intact, stunning, and with a dramatic coastline worthy of postcards, Scopello is the place you go to when you’re tired of the world. The rugged rocks protruding from the sea add to the shoreline’s appeal, but the honey-hued sand softens the coast significantly, granting it that welcoming look and feel.

You’ll savor the locally grown herbs with freshly caught fish and other seafood delights. The architecture of the homes and villas adds even more to the historic allure of the area, making the views on-shore and off-shore equally awe-inspiring.

Best Hidden Beaches Europe

Get lost in the romantic waves of Ploumanac’h

The South of France gets so much spotlight that it’s only natural you’d expect a beach from this region to earn a place in a list like this. For that very reason, we’ve decided to go North, instead. In the region of Brittany, part of the Perros-Guirec commune, the port known as Ploumanac’h seems unpronounceable, but it’s worth the trouble.

The pink, granite cliffs alone attract travelers that appreciate natural architecture, while the historic little church adds to the serene atmosphere of the village. Enjoy the local watersports and don’t forget to breathe deeply – the air in the north of France and away from any semblance of crowds is revitalizing.

Tranquility epitomized on Cíes Islands, Spain

This archipelago contains three spectacular islands, all three of which are speckled with beaches worth your while, but one in particular, known as the Rodas Beach has earned the reputation of the best beach in the world by “The Guardian”. The islands are all considered national parks and are protected for their natural wealth and beauty.

The beach falls under that protection and is a spending slice of curvy shoreline where you can dip your toes in what seems like endless blue of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s as soothing as it gets, and you can enjoy this little piece of Earth-bound paradise on your own, far from the crowds.

Chances are, you haven’t been to any of these destinations. Despite their impeccable beauty and intact natural wealth, most of them are still below the typical traveler’s radar, and that makes them a dream come true for most globetrotters looking for some undisturbed peace and quiet. Perfect for long hours of sunbathing, swimming, but also getting to know the local food scene and culture, these destinations should be on your must-see list as soon as you’re able to go.


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