5 of the Best High-End Corporate Gifts Ideas for 2022

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As a company owner, you should know at least a little about corporate gift-giving culture. You might have clients that give you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in business every year. Maybe they spend even more than that with your company.

You know that you need to keep these clients happy. That means getting to know them on a personal level. You might have to take them out for expensive dinners or go golfing with them. Anything you can do to get them to stay with your company needs to be front and center in your mind.

Buying high-end corporate gifts for clients might get them to keep buying products from you or using your company’s services. You might not feel certain what gift to get a valuable client, though. We have come up with some ideas for desirable gifts that you might get for your clients when the holidays approach at the end of the year.

Corporate Gifts Ideas

Sports Tickets

High-end corporate gifts can encourage repeat business, and that’s what you want as a business owner more than anything else. You can’t risk a client going with a competitor, or your bottom line can take a huge hit. Because of that, you should feel willing to pay a high price to retain their business.

You should keep one thing in mind, though: you can use these gifts as tax write-offs when tax time comes each year. That should make the price tag a little more palatable.

With that in mind, you might want to think about getting high-end sports tickets for one of your more valued clients. Some clients will doubtless love sports, and you might show how much you appreciate them at Christmas by getting them tickets to some extravagant sports event.

For instance, maybe you’ll get them Giants season tickets if they live in the New York area and love football. If they live in Phoenix and like basketball, perhaps you’ll get them Suns season tickets. You might get them World Cup tickets if they like soccer, or maybe they’re more into boxing, wrestling, or mixed martial arts.

You can get single event tickets for your valued clients, but your most prized clients will probably warrant season tickets or luxury box seats. You can also go to the game or event with them as a way to further cement the relationship if you like.

Corporate Gift Ideas

Expensive Alcohol

You might find out that your client likes expensive alcohol. Perhaps they like white or red wine, and you can get them an expensive bottle from one of the world’s finest vineyards. If their taste leans towards spirits, you could explore options like shop whiskey gift sets to truly impress them. You might even get them a whole box of their favorite wine if you think the situation calls for it.

Maybe they like very good tequila, cognac, scotch, vodka, or something else. You can ask them about their favorite drink or note what they order when you go out to an expensive restaurant together. If you need to get them that kind of alcohol in order to retain them as a client, you should have no problem doing that.

Finding a very nice liquor like a Macallan Fine and Rare 60-year-old will show your client that you’re willing to go above and beyond to keep them in the fold. You should only go to these lengths for your most valued customers.

A Massage Chair

Maybe you have a client who you know has a bad back or some other kind of physical problem. Perhaps you know they spend a lot of time doing yoga or getting massages.

You might show you care by getting them a high-end massage chair. You can get relatively cheap ones on Amazon, but you can also find some very well-regarded ones from the best manufacturers in this industry, such as Daiwa, Bodyfriend, or Kyota.

Some of these chairs can cost as much as $30K, but you may feel like it’s worth it to keep this particular client. Think how much they’ll appreciate it when you drop it off at their home or office.  

An At-Home Workout Setup

Maybe you’ve heard your client mention that they’re trying to get fit or tone and tighten. You might consider getting them some high-end workout equipment. That can get quite expensive, but it will certainly show that you’re sparing no expense to keep this customer.

For instance, you might get a Mirror for your client. It looks just like a regular mirror, but instructors appear there, and you can follow along with them as they take you through basic or more advanced workouts.

You might get a Peloton for your client. They’ve received some bad press lately, but some people still swear by them. If you go that route, you’ll need to make sure and pay the monthly subscription fee that comes along with the bike.

If your client wants something low-tech, you might simply get them a nice yoga mat, free weights, and resistance bands. It’s probably best to talk to their spouse, assistant, or anyone else in their life to see if you can determine what they’ll want most.

A Food Gift

You might get an expensive food gift for your client as well. You can always get a classic like some T-bones and filets from Omaha Steaks or Kansas City Steaks, but maybe you’d prefer buying even fancier options than that. You can always get some caviar or some black truffle potato chips.

If your client is a foodie, maybe you’ll get them a gift certificate to one of the fanciest restaurants where they live. Perhaps you can even set up a night when they’ll go to the restaurant, and the chef will make a special tasting menu for them. You can talk to the chef about that if you’re willing to spend the money on it.

If you do a food gift, make sure the person in question does not have any allergies or dietary requirements. If they do, this seemingly considerate present can backfire.


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