Biggest Hairstyle Trends Of 2021

words Al Woods

A person’s hair is considered to be his or her crowning glory, such that people exert the extra effort to ensure that their mane perfectly complements their looks.

Alongside this, most people also take the time to style their hair and make use of products that will help them maintain their locks. If you are thinking of having a new do, perhaps you should consider some of the biggest hairstyle trends of the coming year.

Hairstyle Trends 2021

For Men

  • Slicked Back Undercut

A slicked back undercut has already been one of the most popular haircuts for men in the previous years, and it seems that this will carry on to the next year. Perhaps this is because it generates a timeless look that produces a very masculine aura. In this case, you can ask whether the stylist will be able to get you this hairstyle the next time you get a new haircut at Scout’s Barbershop if you are in Nashville. After all, it is difficult to go wrong with a superb retro look.

  • Long Comb Over

Another hairstyle trend for men this 2021 is the long comb-over, which is another classic but still extremely popular. Perhaps this can be attributed to the fact that it exudes an elegant style. However, what sets this apart from the previous way that it was worn is that now, long comb-overs are already more textured and disconnected, rather than looking perfectly flawless.

For Women

  • Holiday Hair

One of the biggest hair trends for women in 2021 is the holiday hair, which is about a more refined and polished way of adding a caramel color to a woman’s locks. This means that rather than using a single solid shade of color for the hair, highlighting techniques are carefully implemented. As a result, this emulates a natural lightness that you would normally garner after traveling the world.

  • Layers

In 2021, the layered cut is bound to return. Thus, expect blunt edges to be out for the next year, including one length cuts and heavy bobs. Instead of this, you are more likely to see shape and movement once again through layers that are subtle enough to give a more lively look.

  • Shags

Aside from layers, expect that shags are here to stay. Perhaps more women still prefer having shags because of its versatility, such that you can achieve a soft or mullet-like look, depending on your mood for the day. This makes it easy for this type of hairstyle to compliment any outfit on any given day. The best part is that shags look well regardless of your hair color.

Hair Trends 2021

To wrap things up, the trends listed above are only some of the styles that you can try for your locks the next time you think about getting a new do. For sure, there are still other hairstyles that pique your interest or even new hair products that seem interesting. The key is to ensure that you are comfortable with the hairstyle that you eventually end up with because this can pave the way for your increased self-esteem.


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