5 Eyebrow Trends You Need To Know About

words Alexa Wang

Eyebrow Trends


Women have been shaping their eyebrows for centuries. And now, we can’t stop experimenting with them. Most people think that what you do with your eyebrows is just personal preference. But in reality, they can be traced to specific trends.

Eyebrow trends are changing with the season, and the pandemic has definitely influenced how we style our brows now. This blog will talk about five eyebrow trends that you need to know about. If you want to try the most trendy eyebrow looks in 2021, this post is for you.

The Natural Brow Look

It appears that we’re a little tired of seeing the perfectly groomed brows of social media influencers and are leaning more towards the natural appearance of our brows. In case you haven’t noticed,  so many people are now leaving their brows undone. Even celebrities seem to be abandoning the grooming of their brows to chance. Want to join in on this trend? Forget about the painstaking efforts required to get your brows just right – just use a spoolie brush and call it a day!

The Laminated Brow

After many years, we are finally learning to appreciate the full fluffy eyebrow look again. Rather than making them smaller, thinner, and neater like they were when they first emerged, we now resort to brow bomb and lamination to achieve that extra fluff. Laminating is popular at the moment because it creates this fullness by temporarily outlining each individual hair in UV light. If you’d rather not laminate your brows, you can try a DIY version at home using a little-known trick— the eyebrow gel technique. 

The Straight Brow Look

Kendall Jenner has been grabbing headlines lately for her straight, no arch brows. Though this is a look that might not appeal to everyone, there can be instances in which it seems fitting to make such a bold choice. We do not recommend anyone shave off their brow tails just to achieve this look. If this is a look that you’re daring enough to go for, we’d recommend seeking the expertise of a brow specialist. They can use thread lifting or lamination to give you accurate proportions despite the shorter length.

The Geolift Brow

The geolift is the ideal shape for those looking to create a balance between a bold and classic brow. This brow is fluffy and full in the front but still has a crisp and clean arch. The eyebrow style is inspired by the GeoLift anti-gravity device that hooks a car and periodically lifts it off the ground. This brow design brings out your eyes while helping to open up closed or tired-looking features like the pupils. Combined with other makeup trends, such as using a lot of glitters, these brows can revive tired skin around your eyes without making you look too glammed up.

Glitter Fun Brows

Makeup trends are often dedicated to fine illuminated details that create a sparkling appearance overall. Women have long experimented with glitter, placing it this way or that. But now, they’re just sprinkling some on their brows. The trick is to use an eyeshadow color slightly lighter than the hair color because the sparkle will make them appear to pop out more. This look goes perfectly with other makeup trends like colorful eye makeup, which drives the point home!

When it comes to brows, we all have our preferences. But whether you realize it or not, they’re often influenced by trends. It isn’t just the look that matters, though. The trends are cyclical, but it’s how you can use them to your advantage that makes all the difference. 


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