Car Tyre Safety Tips you should know in Winters

words Alexa Wang

During winters in one way or the other we all are guilty of procrastination. Car care, especially taking care of our tyres is often neglected. This can have a really bad impact and compromise our road safety.

Important thing to note is that in wet and snowy weather conditions your car tyres need extra care. Monitoring your tyres in depth should be your top priority when it comes to taking care of your vehicle’s health in winters.

Following are some important key points to note for tyre care in winter.

Car Tyre Safety

Check Tyre Pressure

Tyre pressure levels in winter tend to fall as thermal fluctuation changes. Tyre punctures in winters are inevitable, leaving motorists stranded in the middle of harsh weather conditions. To avoid this situation , a proper tyre pressure check should be done before going on a longer route. If you think your air pressure in tyre is low and tyres can slightly get underinflated , you need to pump your tyres to recommended pressure levels. This will save you from unforeseen situations, especially a puncture and you won’t have to stop and fix your tyre in between your smooth journey.  

Invest in good Tyres

Many of us do not check our tyre quality when the season changes and tend to use the same tyre in the winter season too. You should note that winter tyres are have stronger road grip and can save a motorist from skidding on a wet or snowy road surface. Winter tyres can last longer in winter as they are specially made to survive in extreme cold  weather conditions. Sometimes we don’t know where to go for getting a good tyre replacement. For local areas like Wakefield there are many authentic garages operating in the area. One good recommendation for getting new tyres fitted in Wakefield – is Ossett Tyre House – you can talk to them here: 01924271081.

Car Tyre Safety

Check Tyre Tread

Tyre tread keeps the outer layer of tyre safe from external hurdles like potholes or sharp materials especially snow. During summers 1.6mm tread depth helps your tyre to get protected externally however in winter tread depth needs to be 3 mm to protect the tyre rubber from bulges and splits and keeps your tyre protected and last longer in winter. For longer tyre durability, recommended tread depth should be maintained.

Cover your Tyres

We tend to park our vehicles in safe places however we ignore the tyre safety as hail , rain or snow can cause excessive water to accumulate inside your tyres causing its quality to deteriorate and tyre rubber to worn out. To avoid such situations properly covering your tyres can help your tyres get saved from external weather conditions.

Keep a spare Tyre

At times you are in a hurry and tend to forget important checks to your vehicle. During winter keeping a spare tyre in your car can be helpful as you might go through unexpected tyre trouble in case you have missed monitoring your tyres. Instead of waiting for any repair service to reach you , you can easily change your tyre there and then and not waste your time waiting for any external help.

Keeping these tips in mind before going on a journey during winters can come in handy and save you from any road trouble giving you a pleasant driving experience. 


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