How To Choose The Best VPN For Streaming US Netflix

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Who would have thought the way we enjoy entertainment will change so drastically in just a few years? Think back and remember the time when we used to wait for a new episode of our favorite show to deal with the hassles of ads selling chocolates, toilet papers, clothes, groceries, and what not. This era of technology has changed many things and entertainment is one of them.

If you want to watch anything, all you have to do is type in the program name, and enjoy. When it comes to entertainment, Netflix is the ultimate source of comedy, romance, horror, and suspense. All you have to do is select a category and enjoy everything to your heart’s content.

Even though Netflix is one of the prime sources of entertainment, the experience can be improved. Yes, we are talking about enjoying everything available on Netflix without worrying about the availability of the content.

Let’s understand the need for a VPN, which one is the best for you, and how to bypass Netflix proxy. Because believe it or not, every VPN is not ideal for every situation.

Why do you need a VPN?

A VPN (Virtual private network) allows the user to hide their IP address fooling the websites into thinking that they are located somewhere else. Even though it was first launched to protect the privacy of internet users, it is being used to bypass the geo-restriction barrier implemented by streaming services to control what users are watching.

Best VPN Streaming

Streaming giants such as Netflix and Disney Plus provide the selection of the content on the basis of users’ current location. If you are in the UK, you can access Netflix UK only even though the content selection of US Netflix is far impressive in comparison.

As the streaming companies rent the streaming rights of titles, sometimes they are allowed to stream a title in a certain region. This As the streaming companies rent the streaming rights of titles, sometimes they are allowed to stream a title in a certain region. This is the main reason every Netflix library is different and this is where some of the best streaming vpn services come into action.

After connecting to a VPN server, the IP address of the user changes making it impossible for surveillance agencies, ISPs, and websites to detect the actual location. This feature of a VPN comes in handy when the user wants to bypass geo-blocking.

The criteria for selecting the best VPN in the US

Though every VPN claim that it provides the best services whether it is data privacy, security, or bypassing geo-restriction – it is not the case. Not every VPN can offer absolute anonymity and the majority of them do not work well with Netflix.

Considering the example of free VPN services, it may seem like you are enjoying the perks of a VPN for free but in reality, you are paying in the form of your data. Free VPNs are easily detected and blocked by streaming companies making them useless to watch foreign content.

VPN Streaming netflix

These concerns make the decision of selecting a VPN pretty tiresome but you don’t have to worry because today we are guiding you about the components that make a VPN worth investing.


One of the best features a VPN can possess is providing a smooth streaming experience without negatively affecting internet speed. The majority of the time, a VPN can slow down your connection making it impossible to enjoy a show.

Various tools are available across the web to help the users check their internet speed. Compare the speed before and after connecting to the VPN server for assessing its impact.

Multiple device connections

How great it will be if you are able to secure every device. Always select a VPN service that offers multi-device connectivity so you can protect yourself and enjoy Netflix on every one of them.

Security and privacy

Ensuring user’s privacy is the prime function of a VPN service. Still, various VPN steal user’s information and sell it to monitoring agencies. Select a VPN that does not store any data.

Server availability

A premium VPN service offers servers in every country so you can select any location. The higher number of servers operating in multiple geographical locations ensures that the user has the choice to select any area as their IP address so go for the service offering the largest server park.

User experience

The VPN service should be easy to use so it won’t confuse the users. The user experience should be exceptional with excellent customer care support.


There are few VPN that can fulfill all the factors mentioned above. ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark are the top contenders for the title of the best VPN for Netflix. If you want to take our advice, invest in them because they offer a smooth and enjoyable streaming experience, absolute anonymity, and make user’s privacy their first priority.

With that note, we are saying goodbye to you in hopes that we have pushed you towards making a smart and informed decision. Surf safely!


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