How to Choose the Right Home Maintenance Provider

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Home Maintenance Provider

Whether you’re moving into a new home, want to check the state of your current house, or do maintenance repairs before listing your house for sale, you’ll be forced to deal with a home maintenance provider.

After all, home maintenance is one of those things that are better left to the experts. So how do you know if you’ll be leaving such an important task in trustworthy hands? Here’s how you can choose the best home maintenance providers. 

Identify Your Needs

Before taking any kind of action, you should first identify your own maintenance needs. This will help you narrow down your options, as well as give you an idea of what kind of service you should expect from the service providers. Generally, you’ll have the following options:

  • Routine Cleaning: It’s the most practical and easy form of property maintenance. You’ll choose routine cleaning if you have minimal needs of cleaning the property without going into heavy technical requirements (such as fixing appliances or HVAC systems). 
  • Specialist Cleaning: Even if you’re not looking for technical repairs, not all routine cleaning services provide deep cleaning. You’ll want to seek a specialist cleaner if you want to remove graffiti, fix flood or fire damage, or attend to other needs that aren’t covered in regular cleaning. 
  • Interior and Exterior Repairs: you’ll seek this option for more extensive technical repairs, which can include both your interior and exterior areas. 
  • Emergency Callout: in case you need emergency maintenance service without having the time to book for an appointment and wait your turn, you’ll need to find one that provides emergency services. 

Do Your Research

The process of finding the right service provider starts long before you make the call. You’ll need to research the home maintenance providers in your area and understand the kind of services they provide. There are a few factors you’ll need to keep in mind throughout your research. To find a trustworthy provider, you’ll need to compare different companies and check how qualified they are. You may also read more about their services online, seek referrals from friends and family or ask your neighbors for recommendations. This will ensure you make the right decision and get quality services at a fair price. 

Professional service providers will flaunt their expertise on their websites. They will mention the HVAC training programs and other relevant training that their employees have undergone. They’ll also showcase their certification and the number of brands they’ve worked with. They’ll make their policies clear for everyone, providing different packages for different needs. All in all, they won’t have anything to hide. Speaking of which, you need to make sure to check if they’ve been involved with any legal issues or have any negative testimonials from previous clients. 

Compare Different Service Providers

After shortlisting the providers you’ve researched, it’s time to make a call to each one. Don’t shy away from asking them the questions you need to know, even if it means comparing them to their competitors to hear their answers. Here are some questions you should ask:

  1. Is your company authorized and certified to maintain a certain manufacturer’s products?
  2. Will there be any third-parties involved in monitoring or servicing the house?
  3. Are repairs and upgrades handled differently?
  4. Do I have to pay for any additional services or does the package involve all kinds of maintenance? Be sure to inquire about system maintenance specifically. 
  5. Will they provide regular maintenance, or will you have to schedule (and pay) for each checkup separately?

Don’t Shy Away From Asking for Identification

Once it’s time for the checkup, make sure to ask all employees and workers for identification. A legitimate technician will present their personal and employment identification cards without any issues. 

Home Maintenance Provider

What the Right Home Maintenance Provider Looks Like

There are a few more factors that should be found in any professional home maintenance provider. Here’s how you know you’re making the right choice:

They’re Responsive

You can’t expect good service from a provider who doesn’t even answer your calls. Not only will make you frustrated, but it’s a serious indication that should make you doubt they’ll stick to the schedule. 

They’re Good at Communicating

You should be able to judge a service provider based on their communication skills. A good communicator will answer all the questions you have sufficiently and easily. They’ll also tend to your need if you want more maintenance or have any issues with their performance. 

They Offer a Reasonable Price

What price can be described as reasonable? It depends on the kind and scale of services provided. A good maintenance provider will give you a detailed account of all the services provided and why they cost as much as they do. 

They’re Both Licensed and Insured

Obviously, they’ll be licensed to do maintenance and repairs, but, even more importantly, they should be insured to protect you from any liabilities. In case someone gets injured on the job, you don’t want to face a personal injury case. 

If you’re not sure which home maintenance provider to choose, start by identifying your needs and researching the ones in your area first. That way, you’ll get a good idea of what to expect and what to look for. With the above tips in mind, you now can find the best provider for the job. 


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