How to choose the right battery for Casio watches?

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Despite the increasing popularity of “smartwatches”, which use special built-in batteries, one of the most popular types of watches in the world today are still quartz watches.

Therefore, the issue of periodic battery or battery replacement in them has not lost its relevance for many years. In this article, we will talk about how to choose the right Batteries for Casio watches.

 The watch battery is an element of power, which is designed for repeated use through regular recharging. The main advantage of its use – high charge density at low weight, low self-discharge, and fast enough charging. Most often such batteries can be found in the so-called “perpetual watch“.

Casio watches

  Most often these include:

– Japanese solar-powered watches Citizen


– Japanese watch on the solar battery Casio

  Tough Solar;

 – Japanese watch Seiko Kinetic;

 – Swiss “solar” watch Tissot Solar


   Thanks to an innovative system that uses sunlight as a natural source of energy to recharge the battery, these watches have several very important advantages over other watch models. First of all, it is environmentally friendly, as it eliminates the use of batteries, long service life, and most importantly, the availability of energy, as there is no need to pay for its use, and it is available in unlimited quantities. The resulting energy is stored in the battery and continues to power the watch for a long time.

Although such a watch uses a rechargeable battery, it does fail after a long period of use and can no longer hold a charge. The life of a watch battery can be 10 years or more, depending on many reasons. So on his work affects the level of the current consumption of the clock itself. And, of course, the conditions of use, meaning the frequency of use of additional functions, as well as prolonged operation of the clock in conditions of significant temperature fluctuations. When the battery fails, it must be replaced. 

So how to choose batteries for Casio watches?

In most cases, when choosing a battery, the buyer is mistakenly guided by the size

and manufacturer, which are listed directly on the battery itself. But it is worth bearing in mind, under the same size can “hide” different types of batteries. 

 While sharing the same size, the battery may have different pin groups and capacities, making it suitable for different watch models. For example, the symbol MT920 denotes a battery size of 9.5 x 2.05 mm. Citizen and Seiko, in particular, offer several types of batteries in this size – CT295.29, CT295.34, CT295.38, CT295.39, CT295.56, S302324Y, etc. Therefore, even if the original battery states MT920, it is important to understand that not all MT920s will fit your watch.

When choosing a watch battery, the first thing to do is to correctly determine the type of battery by knowing the number of the caliber (movement) installed in your watch.

How do I find out the caliber number of the movement?

Depending on the watch, there are two ways to find out.

The caliber number can be found on the back of the movement. To access the movement of the watch, you will first need to open the back of the watch. The number is written in small print, and you may need a magnifying glass to read it.

Some watches do not have the number on the movement itself or it is hidden. In that case, look at the information on the back of the watch. The movement number is usually in the format XXXX-YYYYYY or XXXX- XXXXXXXXX. The first 4 digits of XXXX are the number of the caliber (movement).

To help you make your choice, on our website in the section “Library” is a table of correspondence, where you can find the battery suitable for your watch or pick up an analog. In addition, you can also consult the table of batteries for CASIO, CITIZEN, MIYOTA, SEIKO, TISSOT watches to see the technical specifications of each battery: capacity, dimensions, voltage, and temperature range.

A few tips when choosing and installing a battery:

1. Keep in mind, the most common battery manufacturers are Panasonic, Sony, FDK, Maxell, etc. So don’t worry if your battery has the brand name of one of them listed on it and not specifically Seiko, Citizen, or Casio.

2. Unlike the battery, after installing the watch starts working immediately, the battery needs to be recharged beforehand. This is because batteries are more prone to the process of natural self-discharge. A low-precision power source, such as a normal 1.5-volt battery, is required for recharging before first use. Or, if we are dealing with a solar-powered watch, recharging can be done through the solar panel of your watch. To do this, place the watch near a source of sunlight or artificial light. If your watch belongs to the Kinetic series and its analogs, it is recharged on a special stand, the so-called cyclones. This device simulates the process of actually wearing the watch on your wrist. With all this, you should understand two important points. The initial recharging of the batteries is not instantaneous but requires a certain amount of time. All of these procedures should only be performed by watchmaking professionals.


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