How to Choose the Best Uniform for Your Cafe

words Alexa Wang

When it comes to the food and beverage industry, competition is fierce. You need to make sure you are taking measures to stand out from the crowd and stay on top. Although the uniform your employees wear might seem like a minor aspect of the business, it can make a huge difference to the aesthetic of your eatery.

The right uniform can even help draw in more passers-by through the door and enable you to build a loyal customer base. Here are a few pointers to help you choose the best uniform for your cafe.

Uniform for Your Cafe

The Importance of an Employee Dress Code

No matter how formal or informal the vibe of your cafe is, all eateries should have an employee dress code. Not only can a dress code help pull together the look of your business, but it also helps ensure your staff comply with sanitation and safety regulations. Some business owners choose to go the whole hog and enforce strict rules regarding how their employees dress. However, asking staff to use disposable gloves when handling food, hair restraints to reduce contamination and to keep jewelry to a minimum is often enough for some establishments. If your employees are not accustomed to a uniform, it is important that you educate them on the importance of an employee dress code.

A Style That Reflects Your Concept

In addition to helping your company comply with various rules and regulations, the perfect uniform can help pull the aesthetic of your cafe together too. Choose a style that reflects the concept of your cafe. For instance, family-friendly eateries can choose a casual dress code consisting of polo shirts and caps to help them look more approachable, while a trendy cafe might prefer their employees to wear casual-smart shirts with slacks. Some establishments enforce a loose dress code which allows their staff members to wear their own clothes as long they are the right colors. However, you can go one step further by providing your team with a branded uniform to help promote your business.


Aprons are a practical yet potentially stylish essential for many eateries. They are great for all staff and can help make everyone look like a team. Bib aprons are adjustable and comfortable to wear, which makes them a great choice for cafes. They are stylish enough for front-of-house staff and sturdy enough to be used in the kitchen. You can see more bib aprons with pockets via the ChefWorks website.

Complementary Colors

Any piece of clothing you ask your employees to wear should conform to the color palette of your brand. Additionally, the uniform should also complement the colors you have chosen for your interior design.

Long Lasting Fabrics

Any items of clothing you provide for your staff should be crafted from long-lasting fabrics that can withstand numerous cycles in the washing machine. In addition to this, kitchen staff who work with open flames should wear a flame-retardant uniform. There you have it; some useful tips on how to choose the best uniform for your café.


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