Spectacular scenery and adventure awaits on a Norway yacht charter

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A Norway yacht charter offers stunning natural beauty, endless outdoor activities, and idyllic hillside villages. For those seeking a truly unique holiday on the water, a private crewed yacht charter cruising the Norwegian Fjords is guaranteed to delight those seeking a truly memorable holiday on the water. Keep on reading to learn more about this exquisite charter destination.

Norway yacht advice

Norway yacht charter

Cruise the Norwegian Fjords

There can be no question that a highlight of a Norway yacht charter is cruising the breath-taking Norwegian Fjords, flanked by towering mountains, cascading waterfalls, and lush green foliage. The UNESCO-listed Geirangerfjord is consistently ranked as amongst Norway’s most spectacular fjords. Make sure you pass behind the famed Storseter waterfall, or explore one of the many small farms, such as Skagefla, that perch on the mountain ledges for awe-inspiring panoramic views.

Alternatively, cruise to Sognefjord – known as the King of the Fjords – the deepest and longest fjord in Norway, which extends more than 204kms inland into Jostedalsbreen and Jotunheimen National Parks, ideal for nature enthusiasts and those seeking some of the world’s most spectacular terrain to hike. The local villages and towns that can be found along the fjord are ideal for enjoying Norway’s culture and heritage. Make sure you visit the villages of Solvorn, Sogndal,and Balestrand for unique experiences during a Norway yacht charter.

The beautiful deep blue waters of the fjords are also ideal for making the most of your yacht’s tenders and toys, from kayaking to utilising your yacht charter’s tender to access small coves and quaint villages.

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Explore Svalbard

For those seeking an Arctic adventure during a Norway yacht charter, then cruise to Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago nestled in the Arctic Ocean between mainland Norway and the North Pole.

For adventure enthusiasts explore glacier caves, heli-ski untapped terrain or take your Norway charter yacht’s submersible and explore the marine life below the waves. More than half of Svalbard comprises protected areas, and beyond the towns and cities, a plethora of wildlife awaits, including polar bears and arctic foxes.

Award-winning restaurants await in Svalbard’s lively city of Longyearbean, ideal for sampling some of the local delicacies, including Atlantic cod, Svalbard grouse and reindeer, served with locally grown herbs and mushrooms. Oenophiles will also find one of Scandinavia’s largest wine cellars here.

Make sure you leave time to visit Pyramiden, a fascinating living museum that will take you back to the days of the Soviet Union.

Take in the Northern Lights

Norway is considered one of the best places to view the aurora borealis. Top spots include Svalbard and Tromso, an urban town located in the heart of the aurora borealis oval, the ring that circles the magnetic North Pole. Here the solar particles are deflected towards the magnetic South and North Pole creating two stunning auroras at the same time – both the Northern and Southern Lights. Beyond the spectacular light show, Tromso offers a wide range of winter activities, including snowmobile safaris and reindeer sledding.

For adventure, magical scenery, and spectacular marine life, make sure you add a Norway yacht charter to your must-do holiday experience.


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