A List Of Places You Have To Visit If You Like Flowers

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Visit Flowers

Even if you’re not the biggest flower lover in the world, you must admit that there’s something so special about them. Not only are they wonderful and breathtaking, but they literally brighten up every space, plus they smell marvelous.

What’s interesting is the fact that many people claim that precisely flowers frequently lift their mood. Is it because of their lovely appearance, or is it because of their smell or both? At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter.

So if you’re interested to visit some of the most spectacular places in the world that are loaded with flowers, then you’ve come to the right place, because today we will give you the list of places where you will be able to enjoy their beauty.

Top Astonishing Flower Destinations A Person Must See


Even though it’s currently winter, which means that we cannot look forward to another super bloom anytime soon in many areas in the world, it still doesn’t mean that there aren’t destinations where you can enjoy some beautiful wildflowers.

One of them is California (both Southern and Northern). Avid anthophile behind mklibrary.com/california-super-bloom thinks that the most exciting wildflower events occur precisely in this state, especially at Death Valley. Namely, a “super bloom” event happens approximately every ten to fifteen years. The last one was back in 2016.

Furthermore, desert wildflowers at lower altitudes (including the Death Valley’s valley floor) usually appear in mid-February and last up until Mid-April. At higher altitudes, areas that are over 5,000 feet, people have the opportunity to see flowers even in June and July as well.

Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina

If you’re a true flower lover who lives near North Carolina, then be patient for a little while because spring is the best time to visit the Blue Ridge Mountains if you want to smell some rhododendrons.

There are so many lovely places you can see, including the vivid and gorgeous city of Asheville. Out there, you will come across a base camp where you can spend the day hiking. Besides that, you can easily gain access to various amazing trails that are only thirty minutes away from downtown.

If you’re properly organized and want to attend one spectacular event, then you should head towards Bakersville and have an amazing time at the North Carolina Rhododendron Festival.

Any Other Places Worth Your Time?

Shikisai Hill, Japan

This country is a true leader when it comes to many things. They always aspire to be the most beautiful country, the coolest, trendiest, fastest, and many others. It seems like they also want to have the most spectacular flowers in the world as well.

Besides the widely known Cherry Blossom, Shikisai Hill is also one of the most amazing spots in Japan that should definitely be visited by anyone who is blown away by flowers.

Hydrangeas In The Azores, Portugal

People from different parts of the world adore this archipelago because it is loaded with hydrangeas which represent huge, gorgeous pom-poms of blue, white, and pink that successfully embellish summer months every single year.

Furthermore, these flowers have become a true symbol of the Azores in the past couple of years. If you want to be further blown away by their beauty, then you should definitely go to the Faial island, which is also known as the blue island because it is filled with wonderful blue hydrangeas.

Furthermore, while you’re in this country, you can also head towards Pico, one of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed islands, where you will come across a sensational black volcanic landscape that is covered in blue during the summer.

Akureyri, Iceland

This lovely, little town in northern Island will sweep you off your feet with the Arctic Botanical Gardens, where you will get the opportunity to stumble upon the nation’s native plants. And what’s even more spectacular about it is the fact that it’s very close to the Arctic Circle.

Once you’re done with your evening stroll, you should have some hot, delicious tea in the Arctic Botanical Gardens, which is free of charge for all visitors. Frequently, many families go hiking or take their kids to the playgrounds in the Kjarnaskogur forest, where you will also get the chance to try out some tasty junk food.

When we say tasty junk food, we refer to a huge, delicious burger that’s loaded with crunchy French fries and that is also known as the Akureyringur, which can be translated as a person from Akureyri. 

Flowers trip

Our planet is home to many outstanding places that are filled with plants of all kinds, including wonderful flowers. With these suggestions, we just scratched the surface because there are so many places we have yet to uncover.


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