Oceania Sunny Isles is the perfect place for living

words Alexa Wang

The real estate market in Miami is always extremely popular, both for investors and potential residents. Sunny Isles is one of the popular areas that provokes interest.

There are so many buildings spread on the shore, and each one offers a mesmerizing sea view. For example,  Oceania Sunny Isles is one of the popular choices. It is a condominium community that consists of 5 buildings, which offers many benefits. 

You might be thinking whether Oceania Sunny Isles is the right home for you. Read on and check all of the advantages that it offers!

Oceania Sunny Isles


A combination of luxury and convenience

For the ones that want to enjoy a premium Florida lifestyle, the Oceania towers are the right place. The accent is put not only on luxury but also n convenience. The condo itself and the area offer a lot of options for your free time. Also, it offers a wide range of amenities that would suit any lifestyle. Residents have access to multi-level covered parking, so you don’t have to worry about your vehicle. But also, there is a fine dining restaurant for your enjoyment. 

As soon as you enter, you will be welcomed by the elegant lobby and marble flooring. The staff members are very friendly and professional, and they will help you sort out any issues. Using the state-of-the-art glass elevator, you can go straight to your home.  

Some people might be worried about storage space. But, keep in mind that you will have storage lockers whee you can keep your belongings safe. 

The best views

Located in the heart of Sunny Isles, the buildings are near the city of Aventura and Bal Harbour. One of the things that residents love the most about this condo community is the mesmerizing views. Oceania 1 offers the best views of Sunny Beach, with its white sand and crystal clear waters. 

This is the right choice if you want to enjoy the clear turquoise waters every time you glance through the glass. Not that only you get to enjoy the spectacular view, but you will have access to a private beach. Whenever you feel like you want to go for a swim, keep in mind that the private beach is a few minutes away. Or, you can just have a walk on the seafront. The buildings are designed to use the maximum of the benefits that living on the shore offers for you. 

Wellness amenities

The condominium community offers a wide range of wellness services. Whether you like to exercise or relax in a good spa, you will be able to enjoy it within the complex. All of the towers share the same amenities and offer the typical Miami lifestyle that everyone wants. There are heated pools available if you want to enjoy swimming. You can also find a world-class spa that will suit your needs. There is a beauty salon that offers many services for your convenience. 

For people that have an active lifestyle, there are lots of opportunities. From yoga to aerobics, and aqua-robics, you can choose the one that you prefer. You can also enjoy sporting events near the site.

Not that only adults will enjoy the full experience. There are special kids pools, which makes this building the perfect choice for families. 

Final words

Oceania Sunny Isles is quite a popular place for living. It offers a wide range of amenities that will allow you to use the benefits of living by the sea. But also, they will provide you a convenient everyday life without hassle. Make sure that you work with a specialized real estate agent for your purchase. 


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