Tips on choosing an anniversary ring for your partner

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Every anniversary you spend with your partner is a milestone. Since not every relationship lasts for years, every anniversary should always be celebrated. The longer the marriage is, the stronger and more stable the relationship is. If your anniversary is just around the corner, anniversary rings can be a great gift idea.

Anniversary rings can be purchased almost anywhere. Every jeweler operating locally or online will likely feature this piece of jewelry in their stores. To help you narrow down your search and end up buying the perfect anniversary ring for your partner, take note of the following tips:

choosing an anniversary ring

1. Consider Her Engagement And Wedding Ring

In a sea full of options, choosing one type of anniversary ring can be a struggle. Where and how can you possibly start your search? What should you consider when looking for an anniversary ring? To make this process easier for you, consider your partner’s engagement and wedding ring.

You and your partner spent a lot of time searching through several wedding jewelry ideas just to pick the perfect wedding ring, so it’s essential that you pick an anniversary ring that complements your partner’s wedding ring.

The anniversary ring you buy your partner should never compete with her engagement and wedding ring. This means that the anniversary ring you pick should accentuate your partner’s engagement and wedding ring. Most importantly, this anniversary ring should not clash nor overshadow the rings she is currently wearing.

Thus, when buying an anniversary ring, something that’s made from the same stone and metal with your partner’s engagement and wedding ring can be an excellent choice. If your partner has silver engagement and wedding rings, start your search by looking for silver anniversary rings. Once worn together, these rings will look more harmonious.

2. Think About Her Lifestyle, Too

What your partner does during the day should also be considered when you’re buying an anniversary ring. You don’t want the anniversary ring to hinder your partner from being productive, right?

Carefully think about the lifestyle of your partner. If your partner’s job requires her to be out all the time, an anniversary ring filled with large, delicate stones might not be an ideal option. A bulky anniversary ring can look good on any finger but this can easily tangle up in clothing and can cause inconvenience to a busy wearer.

Keep in mind that your partner will wear this anniversary ring every single day, so make sure that you buy one that complements her lifestyle.

anniversary ring tips

3. Consider Buying An Anniversary Ring With Customized Designs

While several anniversary rings can be purchased from any jeweler today, some people would still like to surprise their partners with unique gifts. If you’re one of them, scout for jewelers that sell customized anniversary rings.

A customizable anniversary ring allows you to decide what band and stone to use, making it easy for you to buy an anniversary gift that perfectly suits your partner’s preferences.

If you’re having a hard time deciding what to include in the anniversary ring, consider using both of your birthstones in the ring. If you already have kids, include their birthstones, as well.

You can also choose to buy an anniversary ring with a stone that showcases the number of years you’ve spent with your partner.

4. Come Up With A Budget And Make Sure That You Stick To It

Visiting several jewelers without having any budget can result in financial stress in the future. Sure, you might be able to surprise your partner with an anniversary ring that costs thousands of dollars, but what will happen next? Can you still afford to pay the bills? Do you still have money to feed your family? When buying an anniversary ring for your partner, creating and sticking to a budget should always be included in your to-do list.

Assess your current financial status and come up with an amount that you’re comfortable in spending for the purchase of the anniversary ring. This amount should still allow you to pay for your necessities months after the anniversary.

Instead of buying an expensive anniversary ring to symbolize your “new marriage,” consider the anniversary ring as a simple reminder of your bond with your partner. You don’t have to go overboard when buying this piece of jewelry. Buying an anniversary ring that you can easily afford will make it easier for both of you to enjoy the ring without being stressed.

Come Up With A Surprise

After buying the perfect anniversary ring for your partner, take it up a notch by preparing a meal at home or taking her out for a movie date. When she least expects it, grab the ring from your pocket and surprise her with your gift.

Celebrating your anniversary this way will surely be one for the books! 


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