Things To Consider While Choosing Rehab Centers For Your Spouse

words Alexa Wang

Millions of people are addicted to different kinds of drugs every year and the numbers are only going higher.

Lives of people, and especially of a loved one, suffering from substance abuse of any kind is a difficult experience for both. It’s easy and natural to feel frustrated, powerless and helpless and irritated while helping your partner with addiction overcome it.

But you have to understand that overcoming drug addiction on their own can be very difficult. This is where rehab centers come in. 

Deciding on a rehab can be a life changing decision. Here are a few things to consider while choosing rehab centers:

Choosing Rehab

1. Treatment programs

An effective program not only includes addiction recovery but also a full continuum of care for your mental needs as well. While looking at a full care program, consider whether they have medical detox options, inpatient or outpatient and aftercare services as well. Addiction Treatment Rehab centers can provide the tools and support needed to fully recover.

Inpatient programs require that the patient live in the facility while outpatient is where the patient lives at home but receives treatment during the day. One such outpatient facility is Charleston outpatient rehab center in Lantana. Spouses with children are often recommended to go for outpatient centers to keep them motivated.

2. Rehab Goals And Needs

Once you have made the courageous decision to support your spouse in joining a rehab, you need to consider the needs and behaviours you would like to address. Addiction virtually affects every aspect of a person’s life.

You need to figure out together what you would like to change about your life or behaviours, post-treatment. The next step is to figure out if your partner has any underlying medical conditions or dual diagnoses. If your partner is wondering “Can I Get My Job Back After Rehab?“, check their eligibility for FMLA, as for many, their job is protected for 12 weeks when undergoing drug treatment. Once you have this information, you can move ahead to the next step.

3. Length of the program

Most of the treatment programs go on for 30,60 or 90 days. Generally, very uncommon, but it can also last for an entire year depending upon the needs and addiction of the person. The most successful among people is the 30 days detox program. This one not only helps the patient but also puts the family especially the spouse at ease considering they were the most affected by the addiction. While some facilities can amend the program to the patients’ need while others are open to any amendment as required.

4. Cost

For the majority of people the defining factor of choosing the right rehab the first question is how much does it cost. Every rehab has its own prices, ranging from completely free to upwards of 50000$. The cost varies depending on things such as expert care, amenities, length of the program and location etc. If your insurance doesn’t cover the the rehab costs several options like The Affordable Health Care Act, Personal Loans, Medicaid and Medicare are also available

5. Facilities/Amenities

If you are considering inpatient rehabs, one of the biggest differentiation factors are cost and accomodation quality of the rehab, Some rehabs give you more facilities than a 5-star hotel but others have basic necessities with fully functional facilities. Many rehabs introduce gyms, fitness programs, beautiful sceneries and creative studios to appeal to the clients. With that being said, the number of facilities increases the overall cost and most people aren’t able to afford the perks beyond the classic packages. At the end of the day, your comfort and finances decides what amenities you would like. Explore the comprehensive guide on choosing rehab centers and discover the best rehab facilities in Arizona at this link.

6. Location

There are different opinions when it comes to location. Some people suggest that it’s easier for the recovering person to live close to home because of commitments, especially if you are married or have family to take care of. While others are of the view that the cycle and association between the recovering person and his former life should be completely broken to help him/her recover properly, especially when it comes to toxic relationships and routines. Look into opioid treatment centers in New Jersey if you are looking to travel to an inpatient program.

Last but not the least keep a quality care checklist for comparison as it can become overwhelming with so many options. At the end, it’s not a question of which is the best rehab but which one is the best for you? With all the background information and knowledge you will be able to make a mindful and informed decision.We wish you the best of luck.


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