7 design elements of traditional bedroom furniture

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So, you’re thinking of decorating your bedroom in the traditional style. If you haven’t taken this route before, you might not know what kind of furniture to expect. Here are seven features that often show up in this style of furniture.

Fine Wood Construction

A traditional bedroom set is typically made of one of the woods that were popular for furniture in the 1700s and 1800s. These include walnut, cherry, mahogany, ash, and oak, to name a few. However, current traditional furniture is often made of other woods or wood solids. The most important thing is that it be some type of wood rather than an all-metal frame.

Ornate Carvings

With this style, you may be treated to ornate traditional carvings on the headboard and footboard of the bed, as well as on any of the other pieces in the set, such as the mirror, chest, and dresser. These carvings give the furniture an extravagant look. But because they’re made of the same wood as the rest of the bedroom set, they blend in beautifully, just as traditional features should.

Opulent Moldings

Many bedroom sets have opulent moldings on the headboard and footboard. These give your room a touch of classic design that harkens back to a time when furniture was statelier and had more uniform motifs.

traditional bedroom furniture style

Tufted Upholstered Headboards

Traditional décor has sumptuous features that create a space where you can feel like royalty. One such feature is a tufted upholstered headboard. An example of how luxurious this can look and feel is the Birlanny Silver Upholstered Panel Bedroom Set. This set has all the best features of traditional style, including a fabulous button-tufted headboard.

Symmetrical Details            

All the visual details of a traditional bedroom set should appear symmetrical. If there’s a carving or a molding on one side of the headboard, it should be mirrored with another one that’s exactly the same on the opposite side. Also, each piece of the set should be built so that the set can be laid out evenly in the room.

Classic Pulls and Knobs

Modern furniture can have some pretty bizarre hardware. It may have startling geometric shapes or stark lines. However, the pulls and knobs on traditional furniture present a more graceful image. They may be made from antiqued metals. Their shape is typically very classic, with turned handles or rounded porcelain knobs.

Rich, Warm Finishes

While some very elegant traditional bedroom sets are finished in light colors, the most common examples of this style are made with rich, warm finishes. Think of warm wood finishes like cherry or maple. Another option is a colored finish in a warm, rich brown. You can find furniture with a wide variety of traditional finishes by looking at 1StopBedrooms bedroom sets.

Are you ready to start with your traditional décor project? If so, begin by choosing a traditional bedroom set with these and other beautiful features. When you’ve perfected the interior design to your satisfaction, you’ll have a bedroom that’s both peaceful and stylish.


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