Top Jobs of 2022

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Top Jobs 2022

If you’re looking to start a new career in 2022, you still have more than six months left to make it happen. Changing careers, or starting a new one for that matter, is exciting. Your options are wide open, so the only thing you need to do is decide which path you want to take.

If you’ve been weighing different options but still aren’t sure which direction to go, it’s okay. Changing jobs is a major decision that requires research and planning. Most importantly, it has to be something you really want to do. In this article, we rounded up the top four jobs of 2022 you may want to consider.

Education Counts

While there are some lucrative positions that don’t require a degree, it’s usually better to earn your credentials. It sets you apart from your competition and also gives you the skills you need to succeed. If paying for your degree is an issue, you could look into scholarships for college students. There is no shortage of options available, and you can apply online. All you need to do is research different types and choose the ones best suited for your educational needs. Once awarded, you can use the funding to cover the cost of tuition.

Top Jobs 2022

Software Developer

With more jobs allowing remote work, there’s never been a better time to become a developer. Qualified software developers can upwards of $110,000 annually, and can work from anywhere in the world. Most developers do hold a BA or higher in Computer Science or IT. There are also a variety of boot camps you can attend to earn proper certification.

Registered Nurse

The demand for qualified nurses has never been greater. Look through an overview of nursing careers to find the right path. In just about every sector, you can find gainful employment with an excellent starting salary. You can earn your RN license in about two years, unless you’ve already completed some of the prerequisites. Once you take the NCLEX-RN, you can start working immediately. You can even decide whether you want to work in a hospital setting, in an outside medical office or as a travel nurse.

Market Research Analyst

In this role, you’ll use big data to determine a company’s marketing and financial strategy. Analysts can find work in just about every niche, including marketing firms. You need a bachelor’s degree, and you should also earn a marketing certificate as well. In addition, you should have excellent communication skills, be detailed oriented, and have top-notch organizational skills.


Becoming a chef is another possibility for those who love to cook. There’s an exact science behind cooking, so you’ll need to learn the basics of heat distribution and how different ingredients work together. Some people elect for a degree in food studies and then attend cooking school. Others may choose to skip a formal degree and instead enter a program that will give them the certification and hands-on experience they need to get a job. It’s important to note that chefs do work different hours, usually evening and night, and they typically work on the weekends as well. If you prefer baking, you could become a pastry chef.


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