5 Must-Have Summer Grooming Products

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Grooming Products 2022

For many men, regular grooming practices are second nature; others may need a little more encouragement, practice, and guidance before the importance of good grooming habits sticks. No matter where you are on the spectrum of your routine to look and feel your best, did you know you need to switch things up with the seasons?

That’s right, and certain products will be essential based on the weather. If you’re unsure of what must-have summer grooming products you need in your dopp kit or medicine cabinet, keep reading for a refresher.

Sun Protection Factor 

Hopefully, you’ve already got at least a basic skincare routine down. Taking care of your skin pays off on a couple of important levels – namely, a younger appearance resulting in less need for anti-aging treatments like Botox. Another leg up you can give your skin during the summer months is using an SPF on your facial skin. All SPFs are not created equal, and you want to ensure you’re investing in a high-quality facial SPF different from the SPF you’d put on your body before a pool or beach day. While it’s important to wear SPF year-round, in the summer, you can’t go a day without it. 


Not just men, but women too, sleep on toner. Toner is, in fact, one of the most crucial steps to any solid skincare routine. Toner is a great way to give a deeper cleanse to your skin, eliminate sweat and help unclog and tighten pores. With all the SPF you need to slather on in the summer, and how much you sweat, it can be a recipe for disaster on your pores. Whether you’re looking for help in shrinking pores or minimizing their appearance, be sure you add the critical step of using a toner after your cleanser on your skin. Additionally, you can swipe some toner across your face several times a day as needed for a refreshing way to boost your complexion.

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Whether you’re a Sauvage or a Versace Eros kind of guy, don’t forget a spritz of your favorite cologne before heading out the door. You may use natural deodorants, deodorants with aluminum, or forego deodorant altogether, but in the sweltering summer heat, sometimes it doesn’t matter. After a couple of hours, your deodorant may no longer be doing the trick, so ensuring you smell phenomenal with a great cologne is key. 

Pomades & Oils 

It’s up to you what type of product you use in your hair. After all, there are so many different hair types and what’s good for the goose isn’t always good for the gander. But one thing is for sure if you’re like most people, the humidity that comes with summer can do a number on your hair. Beat the humidity and frizz by adding some pomade to your hair or hydrating it with oil. If you have a beard, make sure you’re not neglecting the hair on your face either. Solid beard oil can do wonders for keeping the humidity and frizz at bay on your face, not to mention that most beard oils promote facial hair growth. 

Light Moisturizer 

While you may incorporate a serum and then a facial moisturizer during the cooler months to keep dry skin in check, during the harsh summer heat, that combination can get a tad oily. In the summer months, opt instead for a light moisturizer. If you’re the type of guy who’s forgetful, always in a hurry, or just lazy when it comes to grooming, you can combine your SPF coverage with your moisturizer by purchasing a facial lotion that already includes SPF. If you’re prone to oily skin or know you’re going to sweat a lot, a facial moisturizer that controls shine is worth the investment. But, don’t neglect this step, moisturized skin ages slower, and with all the damage your skin is susceptible to in summer harsh UV rays, you need the protection. 

Taking care of your physical appearance pays for itself in spades where confidence and health are concerned. Even if you’re as low maintenance as they come, the above-mentioned grooming essentials will only take minutes out of your day while making a world of difference. Leaving you more time to have fun in the sun.


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