Designing an awesome outdoor kitchen

words Alexa Wang

Designing an outdoor kitchen is not something you would sit and plan and start doing in just one day. This type of undertaking takes time and a great deal of planning. But nothing beats the excitement of creating your own design and carrying it out, and then when you get to view the final product as your brainchild coming to fruition.

But how do you do it, where do you start, and what do you need? Let’s go through the steps in designing an outdoor kitchen and find the right gadgets and hardware to equip an impressive outdoor kitchen.

What You Need to Know

What do you need to design an outdoor kitchen is a good starting point. When you start designing an outdoor kitchen, it is essential to know what type of appliances you are going to need and use in the outdoor kitchen.

The main decision you need to make while planning your outdoor kitchen is whether you are going to make use of qualified people or are going to do most of the work yourself.


Before you install your appliances and plan cupboards, you need to make sure your layout is done with proper ventilation in mind. If you plan to install a gas stove or any appliances using other kinds of fuel like propane, it is important to leave space for ventilation.

The back wall of your outdoor kitchen must be fireproof, as well as the material of the counter where your appliances are going to be installed. It is recommended to consider a vent hood to get rid of the excess smoke, especially if you are planning an under roof outdoor kitchen.


The layout of the outdoor kitchen is important for the number of appliances you want to use. When planning the cutout for the grill, it is vital to do it with the exact thickness of the countertop.

When measuring the space for the grill, you must leave enough space for the gap beneath the grill for combustion air. Consult the documentation for the recommended space allowed by the grill’s manufacturer for ventilation.


Gas Stove

The centerpiece of your outdoor kitchen is your stove, whether it is electric or gas. An important note is that a professional gas installer must install your gas stove feed line, and that may be necessary for your home insurance. Make sure about that before you try to do it yourself.

Side Burner

A side burner is a good addition for heating sauces and cooking quick and small things. This will save you a lot of time to run to the kitchen every time you want to heat your food.


Don’t forget about the refrigerator to keep the beverages cold for your family and friends. It is useful if you can get an outdoor-rated fridge with front venting from the start if possible; it will save you extra money down the road.


A sink installed in your outdoor kitchen will help you for cleaning utensils as well as running water where you need it.

Vent Hood

A vent hood is important when you plan to have an under roof outdoor kitchen. It will be much safer and convenient not to have smoke interfering with you and your guests.

Important Facts to Keep in Mind

  • Design your outdoor kitchen with safety and convenience in mind
  • Follow instructions provided by the manufacturers of the appliances you want to install in your kitchen
  • When you design your outdoor kitchen, design it in such a manner that you will be able to add more things at a later stage. You want to make sure your outdoor kitchen is upgradable
  • In the design stage, you must decide whether you want to build it from scratch with bricks, or do you want to use prefab materials
  • Make sure that all the material you use in your outdoor kitchen is fireproof and flame retardant
  • Plan your access doors for plumbing and electric point as well as access to your gas and fuel feeding pipes


This is how to design that outdoor kitchen you have always wanted — it is to know exactly what you want and where you want it for the final layout of your outdoor kitchen. The initial planning and designing are one of the most exciting steps in getting an outdoor kitchen installed, and it is easy to forget important things in the excitement. Consult a professional kitchen installer for advice and plans for outdoor kitchens.

Find more here if you need additional information on designing and planning an impressive outdoor kitchen. The most important part of designing an outdoor kitchen is keeping the safety of your family and friends in mind, as well as the specifications lined out for your home insurance. You do not want to remove a part of your kitchen down the line if it will negatively affect the benefits of your home insurance.


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