Straightforward dressing and styling tips for dads-doing your bit for the family in style!

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If you have become a dad recently or are going to be one, alongside mastering the best parenting tips, you will also need to adjust some of the most important parts of your lifestyle in various ways.

Many fathers think having a kid means a license to be in sweatpants full time when it comes to clothing. But, remember, being a father is pulling yourself together for the great job that lies ahead; you do not have to let yourself go.

Being an adult now, in the eyes of your wife, family members, and other people in society, you are expected to spend less money on yourself and more on your family. But, don’t worry! Some tips will let you be the best-dressed dad, whether in comfortable clothes or stylish outerwear for your outside sojourns with your sweet little family. So, now let’s get onto the style tips.

styling tips dads

Get in the mindset, let time be an asset and not a limitation: Everything can go crazy with a baby. You will hardly have time to sleep, bathe and do other necessary things, even if both of you (mom and you) are managing the new entry together. So, making time an excuse, your mind gets inclined not to dress up either.

There will be parenting tasks when you have to pick him (or her), feed the baby, or pick his stuff; wearing comfortable and soft clothing will matter.  Fathers will avoid wearing dresses with zippers and metals as they feel more sensitive to the baby’s needs when they are physically taking care of the pup. 

Though to a new father, looks don’t matter as much, but they do as things progress. Even if you are going out in sweatpants to fetch the nitty-gritty, make sure you own them; otherwise, you‘ll end up feeling sad for overlooking your needs.

dad style

Don’t shop like there is not going to another day: Spending like crazy is no longer the right thing. Rather, go for affordable and high-quality men’s affordable clothing. Find some time to find online retailers that carry the reputation of supplying high-quality garments at the most affordable rates. Go for shops that offer you to try as much as you need and return what is not required.

Also, loosely hanging clothes that do not drape gracefully increase the chances of tripping and falling or simply make things uncomfortable. So it is best to prefer custom-made outfits where possible. Choose colors according to the ambiance you want at home.

Go for Versatility: As you are now all prepared to buy the right clothing, here’s the ultimate tip that will make things straightforward and all the easier for you. Choose versatile clothing. It is the key you need to tap upon to create a well-rounded and lean wardrobe that is easy to manage and doubtlessly comfortable.

Things You Will Need

  • Dark blue jeans are an evergreen part of a great cupboard. Go for a fitting and comfortable size from the best brands like Levi’s.
  • Pairs of good boots. Derbys, sneakers, slipper mocs, loafers are all suitable for occasional outdoor trips. And if you want to get a bit of massage on your weary feet done with long-standing and other things, go for slides with massaging nubs and a flexible footbed.
  • Button-up plaid shirt or a light blue oxford for casual wear.
  • A cable-knit or waffle. Go for the ones in solid colors.
  • A men’s genuine leather jacket, better still a custom-made leather blazer.
  • Suit or a blazer for brighter occasions.
  • And maybe cargo shorts.

Other things you will need:

  • A backpack to put the baby crap (yes!) inside.

A good dad look does matter. Though you do not have to spend a lot on preening, dressing up better will surely make you feel confident and stay happy. And this will reflect in how you parent the baby.

styling tips dads

And you will occasionally need to care and take time to maintain your outerwear, especially things like a leather jacket. It requires cleaning of interior and exterior and also maintenance with conditioning. A damp cloth will easily remove the spills and stains. You use baby lotion to condition it. Click here to learn more about how you can easily clean and care for your leather jacket from the experts at Pala Leather.

There’s something awesome about being a father, and it’s an experience you need to enjoy. It will transform you into a new and better version of yourself. Feeling and looking great is an essential part of it. And make sure mommy can do it as well, as this is the part of the journey which is best handled together.

Mothers and fathers have distinctive styles of communicating with children. Infants, when they get eight months old, can start feeling the difference in this. This diversity of interaction gives a broader and richer experience to a child that further helps in its development. Having sorted, well-dressed and confident parents can make a huge difference in how a child sees the world.

Playing with a father can truly enrich a child’s personality, and it is doubtless that fathers build confidence.

dad styling

Both girls and boys learn the subtle difference between timidity and aggression when fathers and mothers raise them. Have you often observed the difference between how fathers and mothers behave differently in a playground? While mothers will be more focused on protecting kids, the fathers will encourage them to push their limits. The challenges a father throws are necessary for the development of kids.

At all times, while playing the roles of great parents, keep feeling good, taking care of yourselves, and make you have the perfect lean wardrobe that keeps you ever ready for all occasions and things you are needed to do.


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