What will be the Fashion Colours of Summer 2021?

words Alexa Wang

If you have been out shopping in the last few weeks, chances are you came back a little dazzled by the brightness of some of the colours you saw.

Not all of them are explosive though, as there are many shades of pastels hanging around again, for the sunnier and warmer months. Here is what you should expect to wear, when you will put on your new summer clothes.

Fashion Colours 2021

Bring on the light pink, blue and yellow

If you want to imagine the first set of colours, we are bringing to you, simply think of a candy floss machine, and the cotton candy treats that they produce. They are most probably part of the kid, somewhere inside you, if you have ever been to an amusement park, or even on a boardwalk by the sea. These pink, blue and yellow colours will once again be found on that cute short top for her, as well as the shorts that come along. That’s because the color coordination this year is literal. It simply moves from one item to another, without changing at all. These colours are for those who like their sweet, really sweet.

Here comes the Sun

Yellow will not come only in a pastel shade this year. In fact, it will be ranging in various hues, all the way to bright sunshine. One of the most popular yellow tones will be mustard. It will be featured on hand bags as well as other accessories. Yellow is not a colour for every skin tone, but as we all get a little more tanned, it should be welcome in our wardrobe, at least for a few weeks.

From Electric Pink to Purplish Red

If you want people’s eyes to come out of their sockets, try wearing the pop pink hue that will be found in most summer collections, in 2021. This is not a colour for the faint of heart or those who are shy. If you don’t want people noticing you, move to the end of the line, where you will find the purplish red, probably most suitable to your taste. But red is a summer colour, so it is not surprising that its derivatives find their way onto summer clothes. You just have to find the one red you identify with, or better yet, the one that compliments your skin colour best.

Mixing Colours

What do you get if you mix red and yellow? The result is orange. We can assume that the designers of 2021 probably tried that, since they came up with many pieces of their work coming out in that middle colour. Not a bad thing, since it can easily be chosen as an accessory for clothes in the two previously mentioned colours.

Tennis Anyone?

If you like to play tennis, it doesn’t mean you will necessary like the last colour found in our article. In fact, it is certainly not for everyone. We are talking about that green or yellow tint that you find on a tennis ball. That’s right, close to fluorescent, yet not really. You can also wear it, when you play the game. It should confuse your adversary…


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