Preparing to earn more in 2019 & beyond

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With the new year fast approaching, millions of workers and business owners will be plotting their routes to more money in 2019.

Unfortunately, the vast majority will give up before Easter because it all seems too hard. On a brighter note, though, gaining increased earnings is possible. You just need the right plan of action.

Focus on the five aspects below, and you won’t go far wrong.

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Invest in your appearance

Whether you like it or not, your appearance will have a telling impact on your earning potential as an employee or entrepreneur. Getting fit, investing in your skin, and finding the right outfits for your look are all key ingredients in the recipe for success. You needn’t be a supermodel to cast a professional appearance. Moreover, in addition to gaining a better response from others, looking good will make you feel more confident. Make sure your resume and applications look great too.

Gain a better understanding of yourself

Everybody is unique and has their own strengths and weaknesses. When you gain a deeper insight into yours, it becomes far easier to find ways to capitalize on the opportunities of the modern world. This could mean gaining a deeper appreciation of the left and right sides of the brain. It may include discovering your true passions. Aside from learning to promote your strong points, it gives you a chance to focus on improving the aspects that need attention. This should put you in a strong place.

Become a more valuable asset

Knowing how to do a job well is one thing, but doing it in an efficient manner is the true key to success. With an online masters in lean manufacturing, you can discover ways to improve the efficiency of both cost and time. This will make you a more attractive prospect for potential employers as you will drive their ventures in the right direction. In addition to landing a better job, those skills and experiences can help you keep hold of that advanced role.

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Do your research

In many cases, you won’t even need to change job to increase your earnings. Asking your boss for a raise and getting it can be the easiest way to boost your earnings. With online job boards showing you how much other companies pay for employees in your role, arguing the case should be easy. If this still fails, use this research to find the positions and businesses that are prepared to pay the level of salary that you deserve. Either way, staying on the current salary needn’t be an option.

Look for side incomes

While your main job will remain the primary source of revenue, you shouldn’t rule out others. Whether it’s completing online questionnaires for cash or becoming an affiliate marketer doesn’t matter. With a smartphone in your pocket, it’s possible to earn a little extra money while commuting to your main job or pottering around the home. Even if the sums involved aren’t enough to let you quit your career, every extra dollar is a step in the right direction. Embrace it.

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