How to create the perfect Christmas dinner experience

How to create the perfect Christmas dinner experience – words Al Woods

Christmas may be the most magical time of year, but it can also feel like the most stressful.

The gift buying, family feuds, and general mania that grips the nation at this time of year can sometimes feel like more of a chore than a holiday. If you’re choosing to host Christmas dinner this year, be it for friends or family, that stress may be multiplied.

Serving up dinner for upwards of eight people and claiming responsibility for the preparation of a Christmas turkey is no small feat. However, with the right preparation beforehand, you’ll be able to pull off a showstopping Christmas dinner that will go off (almost) without a hitch. Here’s your guide to hosting the perfect Christmas dinner.

Step 1: Set the Scene

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The most important thing to get right is the setting. You’ll want to create the kind of atmosphere that fills everyone with festive cheer, the kind of place where it would be difficult not to have a good time. Start with the furniture; you’ll want the seating to be comfortable, but the dining chairs should still be light enough to easily move when people start to get a little full. The table is also important; a classic glass-top dining table is best for a sleeker look and feel. The beautiful dining table selection of Furniture Village includes everything from glass-top dining tables to wooden extending tables, showing that there are options in terms of your decor.

The next step should be the lighting; a tasteful sprinkling of fairy lights, preferably non-colourful ones, should add to the festive atmosphere. Also, consider using floor lamps instead of ceiling lights to create a more intimate atmosphere.

You’ll also want to wow your guests with the table setting. First off, learn how to fold the napkins in an artful way that will make an immediate impression. These adorable Christmas tree napkin folds should do the trick.

Step 2: A Meal to Remember

Christmas dinner experienceSource: Pixabay

Now it’s time for the main event – the food. Once you’ve got everyone’s dietary requirements figured out, you’ll want to start by having an essential list of Christmas dinner foods to guide you through the process. After you have the mainstays taken care of, you can start to focus on some showstopping and delicious edible treats.

You should opt for an international flavour to accompany the classics. Spice up the table by adding in some Christmas treats from around the world. For example, you can add some French flavour by serving up a plate of fresh oysters, the consumption of which will also make for a great party game in itself. Include some comforting American fare in the form of pumpkin pie or even some turkey teriyaki if you want to eat like the Hawaiians do.

South America also has plenty of inspiration for you. If you want to cap off your Christmas dinner in true Peruvian style, then round-off dessert with a steaming cup of pure, melted hot chocolate. If you’re feeling especially motivated, you could simply do as they do in Puerto Rico, and serve up an entire suckling pig alongside the turkey.

Christmas dinner is a sacred and special time of year. It’s one that, if done right, can create memories that will last a lifetime.

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